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Yeast Infection Treatment Oral Over The Counter

Yeast Infection Treatment For men and women! Yeast infection Home Remedy!

Hey everyone, this is Dr. Monica Reed, and I decided to make a tutorial about a Yeast Infection Holistic Treatment System, a successful Yeast Infection eBookproduct written by one of my very best friends.Linda Allen. I was impressed by the quality of Linda's product, this candida infection treatment isn't just a quickfix, it's an 100 guaranteed, clinically researched system that is backed by 35,000 hours of nutritional expertise for eliminating yeast infection for good. This is a very rare, highly unique and potently powerful candida infection healing system, which very few people even know even exists.

Can I Get Fluconazole Over The Counter

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath and author of Candida Crusher with another frequently asked question. Can I get fluconazole over the counter You can get it over the counter and it's become recently available now in many countries as an OTC or overthecounter drug, but why would you want to take a drug like this over the counter without seeing a doctor. Fluconazole's quite a powerful drug with many potential side effects. If you go to many databases online, you can read about all the nasty side effects from diflucan or fluconazole. It has some very powerful effects on the liver.

So my advice to you if you must take this drug is to take it in a very short period of time and certainly don't repeatedly take this drug. Once you've finished your course, ask your naturopath or health care professional if you can go on a course of St. Mary Thistle, a good herb to help mop up any liver toxins. Another good solution for you would be to use a standardized garlic extract, which is going to help clear residues from your liver. Beet root and carrot juice are other good alternatives, as is drinking water with lemon.

Do Antibiotics Cause Yeast Infections

Good day, Eric Bakker, naturopath with another frequently asked question. Do antibiotics cause yeast infections This is a question that many people ask. Many people do take antibiotics, unfortunately, and in my opinion, antibiotic drugs are one of the number one causes of chronic yeast infections. Particularly, the prolonged and inappropriate and excessive use of broad spectrum antibiotics. Antibiotics are prescribed on quite a large and wide scale to kill diseasecausing bacteria, but unfortunately, they also kill healthy, normal, flora throughout the body and they can actually encourage yeast infections in many people. So antibiotics are implicated.

And, in my mind, would be one of the prime causes of yeast infections and recurring chronic yeast infections in many patients. One factor that many people don't realize is did you know that most antibiotic drugs are actually themselves developed from chemicals found in fungi species. So fungi actually create certain chemicals which kill bacteria around them. So by using certain chemicals and creating drugs from them, we can effectively kill bacteria yet allow the yeast to proliferate. So this is one reason why antibiotics are so effective at killing bacteria but allowing.

Their own species to thrive. So it's a little known fact. Another little known fact which you may not be aware of is the use of antibiotics in commercial meat poultry for example, chickens, and commercial chickens contain many different types of antibiotics. When you see how poultry are kept crammed in cages, it's not hard to see why they give them antibiotics to prevent diseases. So if you're eating commercial poultry, I recommend you go to Wikipedia and look up antibiotics in chicken or poultry. You might be quite surprised what you find.

So, yes they are. They're certainly implicated in the development and progression of a yeast infection. In fact, Dr. William Cook wrote extensively about antibiotics in his book, The Yeast Infection. It's a good book and well worth the read for you. So avoiding antibiotic drugs is one step in the right direction if you want to avoid yeast infections and particularly if you want to permanently cure your yeast infection. In my book, Candida Crusher, I've written about the 11 main causes of yeast infections, and antibiotic drugs, unfortunately, are on top of the list. So I do hope that answers.

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