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Yeast Infection Suppositories During Period

I Think I Have A Yeast Infection

Here's another question I get asked quite regularly. I think I have a yeast infection. So thinking about something and knowing something are two different things. Many people think they have a yeast infection that I see when, in fact, they don't have a yeast infection at all. They may just have a digestive disturbance. They may have adrenal fatigue. They may be premenstrual. They may have anxiety or depression. There can be a whole lot of signs and symptoms that are presenting to the patient making them think that they have a yeast infection.

It's all too easy to go to Doctor Google and type in a few symptoms or go to symptom finder online, you know, and they think, oh, no, I've got such and such a condition. So many times I see people who think they have Candida, in fact, don't have Candida at all. Probably one of the smartest things you can do is to go to my online quiz on CandidaCrusher and complete the online screens to work out if you've got a mild to moderate or severe probability of having Candida yeast infection. This online quiz took a long time to complete.

And I've made sure that it has the most important questions in there to ask you, whether you're a man, woman or a child, to ask you if you have a yeast infection or not. So it's quite a clever thing for you to do. If you go to yeastinfection and have a look at the signs and symptoms of a yeast infection, it's a very, very comprehensive page. Have a good read through that. That will give you a good understanding as well. So please complete my online quiz on CandidaCrusher.

BV Treatment Tips Get Rid of Bacterial Vaginosis

1 00000100 gt 00000160 Hey everybody. 2 00000170 gt 00000630 I wanted to shoot this tutorial to share some tips on how you can battle BV. 3 00000700 gt 00001120 BV is an infection caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina. 4 00001130 gt 00001600 Normally there is a delicate balance of good and bad bacteria in the vagina, 5 00001610 gt 00001950 but when you get BV, the balance is upset. 6 00001960 gt 00002050 More simply, 7 00002060 gt 00002450 there are not enough good bacteria and too many bad bacteria.

8 00002500 gt 00002800 BV is commonly treated with the antibiotics. 9 00002810 gt 00003250 But unfortunately they have 80 failure rate for treating BV. 10 00003260 gt 00003400 So what are the alternatives 11 00003410 gt 00003850 First and foremost I recommend cutting down on your sugar consumption. 12 00003860 gt 00004100 Sugar feeds the growth of bad bacteria. 13 00004110 gt 00004300 Supplements like strong vitamin D, 14 00004310 gt 00004800 vitamin C and folic acid are essential when battling BV. 15 00004810 gt 00005010 So consider taking them.

16 00005020 gt 00005350 Also you should introduce probiotics to your diet. 17 00005400 gt 00005700 Start taking probiotic pills and eat probiotic foods like kefir, 18 00005710 gt 00005950 sauerkraut and livecultured yogurt. 19 00005970 gt 00010300 This will increase the amount of good bacteria in your system. 20 00010390 gt 00010720 And by the way, you can also use probiotics internally. 21 00010730 gt 00011120 Just crush couple of Acidophilus tablets 22 00011130 gt 00011430 and mix them with small amount of water to make a thick paste 23 00011440 gt 00011600.

And apply this internally. 24 00011610 gt 00011950 I know what that sounds like, but It works, trust me. 25 00011960 gt 00012410 One common substance that can bring great relief is hydrogen peroxide. 26 00012500 gt 00012900 All you need to do is fill a sterile syringe with half peroxide and half water 27 00012910 gt 00013210 and flush yourself a few times with this solution. 28 00013400 gt 00013680 Those were the tips I wanted to share with you. 29 00013700 gt 00014000 If you want to learn more about how to treat BV easily and inexpensively,.

Vaginal Yeast Infection What Is It And How Is It Treated

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Yeast Infection No More Yeast Infection Treatments

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