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Yeast Infection Stool Test

How Does The Doctor Test Me For Yeast Infections

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author of Candida Crusher with a further frequently asked question. How does the doctor test me for a yeast infection Well, there are many ways that your doctor could potentially test. But if you're talking about a vaginal yeast infection, your doctor will probably do a smear test and take some cell samples there of the cervix or the vaginal wall and check to see if they can culture yeast off this or bacteria. The other way that some doctors do it is by way of blood testing by checking for antibody.

Levels. But generally medical practitioners will test by doing swabs. Not many medical practitioners really believe in systemic Candidiasis or bloodborne Candida infections, even though they do exist and there's certainly plenty written in the medical literature about this not many believe it. But antibody testing is quite valid, although some argue that you can have antibodies all your life to Candida and not have symptoms what we call asymptomatic. Others believe that antibody levels are significant regardless whether you have symptoms or not and still signify you need treatment for Candida.

I believe the best way to test for a yeast infection is a stool test. And I'm going to do a lot of FAQs on stool testing and explain stool testing indepth to you, the various components of the stool test, and why this is a superior way to test for yeast infection. So how does a doctor test for yeast infection Usually a swab or a vaginal test is the main way, if they test at all. But, yeah, that would be the way they would test. So I hope that answers your question. Thank you.

Does Yeast Infection Cause Diarrhea

Good day, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author of Candida Crusher. Another question. Does yeast infection cause diarrhea Yeast infections certainly can cause diarrhea. It can cause diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, cramping, digestive pains all sorts of digestive issues can be as a consequence of Candida. I would tend to see constipation a little bit more than diarrhea and associate diarrhea more with certain pathogens like various parasites are implicated. But I have also seen plenty of patients with a lot of yeast have diarrhea, particularly the patients who recurrently take drugs like fluconazole or broadspectrum antibiotics. They're quite.

Prone to diarrhea. So if you've got diarrhea, there are plenty of things you can do to counter the diarrhea. But a good thing first to do is to find out where the diarrhea is coming from. What is its origin Is it druginduced Is it parasite induced Think about doing a comprehensive stool analysis. That may well find a pathogen like Blastocystis hominis. There could well be a bug underlying or underpinning this. And in that case, a susceptibility panel will generally give you an indication on what to do for the diarrhea. Make sure you drink plenty.

Can A Yeast Infection Be Transferred From The Stool To The Vagina

Hi there, Erik Bakker back again with Candida Crusher FAQs. This is FAQ No. 14. Can yeast in the stool cause a vaginal yeast infection It can in fact, women need to be careful when they wipe that they wipe from front to back. Stool can contain significant amounts of yeast. And I've noticed with stool testing, for example, when stool can be cultured in some cases we can find quite a healthy live yeast population in the stool. So stool certainly can contain live yeast and it's one key way.

How to Get Rid of Candida Yeast Infections VitaLife Show Episode 170

Welcome to the VitaLife Show! I'm doctor Janine Bowring and today we're talking all about how to cure candida yeast infections in just 5 easy steps now had a question in a previous tutorial here on the VitaLife show about that very question how do you get rid of candida once and for all so I am going to share with you in five steps be sure to stay into the end the tutorial and click Subscribe to our channel so you always get our newest and greatest uploads here on the VitaLife Show on YouTube.

So step number one you have to stop feeding these bad guys so the candida they feed off of things like sugar alcohol yeast so stop eating those as much as you can please stop eating those so you stop feeding these bad guys that are living in your digestive tract and in your blood step number two is to kill them so I've actually developed a fantastic parasite cleanse you can check it out on vitatree comprehensive completely natural very gentle but very effective killing those candida organisms without any negative side effects.

Step three is to clean out now all that negative debris from that candida other parasites as well you want to make sure that your flushing out your digestive tract and that's exactly what our VitaMucil does this is the soluble fiber that flushes away cleans the walls of your intestine to get rid of all about debris from those parasites and that candia Step four to detoxify so unfortunately no matter how long these candida organisms and those parasites have been living in your digestive tract they have been affecting and giving of toxins.

So you want to make sure that you detoxify all those organisms all those toxins that have accumulated in the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, the digestive tract, the blood and lymphatic system and that's the VitaDetox and we have other tutorials on that that you can check out step 5 To inoculate you have to put the good guys back in and that is probiotics. So VitaTree Probiotics unlike any other probiotic on the market design for your human digestive tract you have to check it out you have to.

Make sure that part of now it now staying healthy so that you don't get those parasites and that candida coming back is to always reinoculate with the VitaTree Probiotics so thanks for joining me today be sure that you leave your questions and comments below like thousands have you do out there which I love we always get back to you be sure to click Subscribe so just subscribe up here that you always get our newest tutorials here the VitaLife Show be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Can Children Have A Yeast Infection

Hi there, Erik Bakker once again with Candida Crusher FAQs. Here's FAQ No. 12. This is a frequently asked question I get. This one's from Maria in Sydney, Australia. I believe my child has a yeast infection. Can children have yeast infections Maria, there's no doubt about it. Children are susceptible to the same cause and effect of yeast infections that adults are. Many children are actually born with a yeast infection because the mother had a vaginal yeast infection when she gave birth to the child. Furthermore, many children today are not breast fed for long enough, I find. And many infants will.

Be placed on cow's milk, formulas, predisposing them to digestive problems leading to antibiotics, which again can precipitate a yeast infection. Too many children in my clinic take antibiotics. Antibiotics are one of the most important causative factors in determining a child's yeast infection. Some children I see take 10, 20, 50, even a 100 rounds of antibiotics before they're even five years of age it's unbelievable. Many doctors still freely prescribe antibiotics. Children also love to eat a lot of sweat foods, ice creams and lollies and chocolates and things like that, which will further the yeast infection. Think about a child with an itchy.

Will My Bad Breath Go Away When I Cure My Yeast Infection

Good day there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author of Candida Crusher with a question. My breath is really bad and I have a yeast infection. Will the bad breath go away when I'm cured Well, bad breath can come from many different reasons. Look at your diet, for example. Are you eating the right kind of foods Are you keeping your teeth and gums clean What does your tongue look like Is it pale is it white I'm going to do a lot more tutorials on tongue signs and symptoms, but suffice it to say,.

If you've got bad breath, look at your tongue. If there's a white coating on it, you've probably got poor bacteria and yeast in your digestive system. So coating at the back of the tongue will signify a problem further down the sigmoid colon or rectum. So with bad breath, try these tricks. Look after your gums and teeth quite well. Don't forget to brush your tongue, something a lot of people don't do. Pop your toothbrush in a bit of water with hydrogen peroxide at night to kill any bacteria, and make sure you floss.

Your teeth quite well and look after your gums. It's very important. Chew your food properly. Take some digestive enzymes. Don't eat in front of screens. One in five people in America now have one of their meals of the day in front of Facebook, and a lot of people have their evening meal watching the six o'clock news. It's not a good idea. So make sure you develop some good habits and chew food properly and slowly away from screens. And take your time when you're eating your meal. Eating a good wholesome, fresh foods diet is going to help a lot to prevent bad breath.

I've seen quite a few patients just live on meat and potatoes, for example, and have not many vegetables in their diet. Seventeen percent of people in England don't even eat any fruit or vegetables. That's quite a lot isn't it Try and develop some good healthy habits first before you start looking further afield with halitosis, another word for bad breath. A key thing I look for in people is stomach problems. You could well have an infection called, helicobacter pylori or Hpylori, and I'll do some tutorials on Hpylori and explain.

Could Be My Excessive Drinking Be Causing My Yeast Infection

Good day there, Eric Bakker, naturopath here, author from Candida Crusher. Here's another question. Eric, could my excessive drinking be the reason I'm getting yeast infections Well, have a good think about it. Alcohol is, in my opinion, one of the chief reasons why people maintain yeast infections. Have a think about that one of the key reasons why people maintain it. I've seen thousands of people with yeast infections over a long period of time, and I find that if a person is resistant about stopping alcohol, it could well be one of the major factors.

Why they can't get rid of their Candida yeast infection. But not only that, it could also be one of the major reasons why they can't save enough money or they can't get rid of their pot belly or why a lot of women are what I call in the BBC, the big bum club. And they're women who often like eating bread, drinking wine, guys who would like a six pack, maybe some pizza when they're watching football. So we all like our own particular type of poison there's no doubt about it. We all.

Like alcohol, but some of us like alcohol a little bit too much. Some of us drink too much we know that. Some of us are alcoholics. My stepfather was an alcoholic. He drank a bottle of whiskey a day for 20 years. Well, that's a real problem. So this is something I'd like you to think about. How I define a person who has a drinking problem is I would look at their want and need for drinking. So let's just say four or five o'clock comes around, if you're starting to think in your own mind, oh, I'm looking.

Forward to that glass of wine I really want that beer. And this is a repetitive thought you have it may well be a problem. Because it's not the quantity of alcohol you drink, it's the fact that you want that drink. That's the problem it's the fact that you want it. This could be chocolate. This could be alcohol. This could be a cookie. Or like in my dad's case, it could be ice cream. And some folks may eat five or six scoops of ice cream per day and not see it being a problem. So it's the desire for that particular sweet food.

That will determine whether you've got a problem or not. It's an addiction. The addiction needs dealing with. And there are reasons why you have that addiction. Maybe you're not happy. I've written about eating for emotional comfort in my book. There are many of these sorts of things I've written about in my book to help you determine whether you're eating for emotional comfort or you've got an addictive personality. And these are the key things that underpin a yeast infection in many cases. I've not read about a lot of these in many books, but I've seen these things in a lot.

Of patients and that's why I've written about them. So in Candida Crusher, you can read all about addictions, emotional reasons for eating, and many other of these factors. If you think that you drink too much, you probably do. So a good thing for you to do is to stop all alcohol for a little while and to see how your digestion goes, how your jock itch goes, or your vaginal infection. And that's the key time to treat when you finally sever that addiction. I'd like you to tackle it slowly, and I use a particular type of approach in my clinic.

Is The 12 Hour Yeast Infection Cure A Scam

Hi there, Eric Bakker again, Candida Crusher. FAQ No. 10. This is an interesting FAQ and one I see from time to time. Can I believe in the 12hour yeast infection cure Well, what do you think How can you cure Candida in 12 hours What a line of bologna. It's not possible. You can't cure Candida in 12 hours any more than you can pay off a mortgage in 12 months. You can't own a house in 12 months. You can't get rid of an infection in 12 hours. It's ridiculous.

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