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Yeast Infection Rash On Armpit

DermTV How to Treat Under Breast Rashes Infections DermTV Epi 190

Music Hello, I'm Dr. Neal Schultz pause and welcome to DermTV. Rashes under the breast tend to occur if the skin of the lower part of the breast lies flat against the skin below the breast. That tends to happen at a certain time in life whether it's from age, gravity, from having had children or just from the way that you're built. Whether you know it or not, your skin perspires all the time but when skin lies flat against another layer of skin that perspiration or sweat can't evaporate and.

Moisture accumulates. When moisture accumulates in closed areas, like skin against skin, it promotes the growth of bacteria and other germs and that creates odors and that can lead to infections. The most common infections that occur in this context, on the under part of the breast, are yeast infections and bacterial infections. To help prevent this, very simply, after you shower treat this area with the same antiperspirant that you use under your arms. If that's not effective at sufficiently decreasing the sweating, then take a thin piece of cotton material and place that thin.

Piece of material under and in the fold below the breast on both sides to help absorb moisture. If you actually do develop a rash below your breast usually it manifests as itchy little red bumps with some oozing. Usually this is very uncomfortable. It's probably a yeast infection and the best way to treat it is with milk and water compresses and the instructions, for those is discussed in DermTV Episode 15. In addition, over the counter Mikonazol lotion applied very lightly two or three times a day, will often.

Symptoms Of Yeast Infection SymptomsOfYeastInfection.Biz

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Is Diaper Rash Candida

Thanks for tuning in. Is diaper rash Candida Do babies get yeast infections Of course they do. Babies get yeast infections quite a lot. If you think about the diaper how it sits there around the baby's backside and genital region, it's all sort of contained there with moisture and the heat it's a perfect breeding ground for yeast. Yeast is very common with children. They often get oral thrush and they also get diaper rash, too. The way to get rid of that really is to make sure the diaper is changed frequently.

If it's quite a severe irritation around the area, I recommend that you change a diaper much more regularly using cotton diapers for a while, is quite a good idea. Other people disagree. They say that the disposables are better because they wick the water or take it more away from the skin. The choice is yours really, but the thing is to keep the area dry and clean and frequent changes. There are different antifungal powders you can use, natural ones you can get from the health food shop as well. Sunlight exposure.

Is another good idea. A bit of calendula cream on the area is going to help as well, but the main thing is dryness and cleanliness. Also look at the diet of the baby because you may be giving the infant a formula containing a lot of sugar, so many formulas contain large amounts of sugar. And if you find that to be a problem, you might want to switch formulas. You may want to use goat's milk, for example. Just check the sugar content if you're using any powders, and if you're breastfeeding, also make sure that you yourself have not.

Got a diet high in sugars that can contribute to that. Have more fats in the diet if you're breastfeeding. Avocados are very good breastfeeding food. Tahini, which is a ground sesame seed paste. Various oils in your diet. Maybe some flax seed oil is going to help a lot, too. Also fish like sardines or tuna with some fats in them. These things are very good for fortifying the breast milk up. So just be careful what the baby is being fed, number one and number two, make sure the diaper is changed frequently and a bit of sunlight exposure onto the area. These.

Can A Yeast Infection Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes

Good day, Eric Bakker here again with another question, a frequently asked question regarding yeast infections. Does yeast infection cause swollen lymph nodes Swollen lymph nodes are a result of a problem with your immune system. There could be many reasons why you have swollen lymph nodes, and where you have the swollen lymph nodes. A common place is the cervical lymph nodes around the neck. You can also have swollen lymph nodes in the groin, around the armpits, so there's various areas where you can commonly get them. Cervical ones are quite common with people.

My questions to you would be do you get night sweats with these swollen lymph nodes Do you have altered appetite or weight loss First thing that you would do is to get a blood test done. Have a complete blood count and have all the white cell parameters, in particular, to see if there's any infectious disease going on. Swollen lymph nodes can also commonly occur with food allergies, I've noticed. Food intolerances or food allergies can occur there. Whenever you've got a weakened immune system, you're going to be more prone to a yeast infection. I would not believe that a yeast infection.

Directly causes swollen lymph nodes, but they would occur as a secondary consequence to a weakened immunity. Swollen lymph nodes need checking out. There could be many different types of problems. You could've picked up an acute herpes problem. It could be something even like Leukemia, so it's very important for you, particularly if it's a recurring problem, you've had it for a long time, is to get checked out carefully by your doctor for swollen lymph nodes to see exactly what this problem is. In many cases, however, these things are selflimiting and acute and they disappear. I've seen it.

Athletes Foot Toe Fungus Ben Wehrli, DPM

Athletes foot is a rash on the skin of the foot and it's the most common fungal skin infection. Dr. Benjamin Wehrli of Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, explains the symptoms of foot fungus. Foot fungus is something that's you know obviously been around a long time and you hear the term athletes foot and what not but essentially it's all the same, you know what happens is you have normal colonization of fungus on your skin I mean it's around in the atmosphere, it's everywhere you go, when your feet sweat or are you know don't allow to air out, sometimes.

That fungus can thrive and grow. If you have any breaks in the skin whether it's from your skin getting too wet we call it maceration or any other breaks in the skin that fungus can invade it and cause an infection. Itchy, burning feet that's a pretty common complaint, it can be flaky a lot of people will start to itch in between their toes and they just think it really itches and it doesn't go away, those are probably signs of fungus. Redness slight redness to the skin can be a sign of fungus. It is contagious you can get fungus.

From anybody but if you have athletes foot, they obviously you're going to have more fungus around in the environment. I tell people to wear sandels if they're showering in community showers, things like that to help prevent it. Obviously sharing shoes and things like that predisposes you to having a higher number of fungus in there and increases your chance of getting it. Dr. Wehrli explains toe fungus. Toe fungus or onychomycosis when it starts to invade the nail we find typically comes initially from a tinea pedis or an athletes.

Foot or you know a foot fungus and so what happens is it's there and it can start to colonize underneath the nail and into the nail. It can be very tough to get rid of but what we have is different treatments that we use, one is a topical antifungal that will help stop the athletes foot. There is pills, Lamisil Sporanox, multiple pills that you can take. They work pretty well, they're pretty efficient in getting rid of it, the down side is that it can raise your liver function test and so it's something to be a little concerned.

With and watch. There's topical nail treatments like Pinlac or Formula 3 and then there's laser treatments. What we find is that we can get rid of the fungus and once we kill it, it takes probably about nine months for your nail to grow out and have a clean nail under there. The risk is that it reinfects the nail so I think a lot of the treatment that we talk about now are more on the preventative nature so I usually have somebody that has had nail fungus and we've cured it, do a topical antifungal to kind of decrease the number.

Of fungus that are there and then I have them do a topical once a day treatment on their nail and they just do that for life. At risk patients could have complications from toe fungus. With toe fungus or onychomycosis one thing that we worry about is that the nail becomes very thick and it can become painful. Most people that don't have normal sensation in their feet when they start to rub and cause problems will know it and will stop wearing the shoes and seek medical attention. Diabetic patients if they get thick in nails and they.

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