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Yeast Infection Pregnancy Untreated

Can A Yeast Infection Turn Into A Urinary Tract Infection If Left Untreated

Good day, Eric Bakker again, naturopath, with another frequently asked question for Candida Crusher. Can a yeast infection turn into a urinary tract infection if left untreated Well, yeast infections can predispose you to many different types of infections. They, in turn, are there because of poor or compromised immunity and, in turn, can further compromise your lowered immunity and predispose you to a UTI or urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infections are common for certain types of people. Elderly women, I find, have more, but many women suffer from recurring UTIs as well, particularly younger women who.

Often have these. UTIS can come about through increased sexual activity, but also infrequent emptying or bladder issues. Lowered immunity or compromised immunity is a key reason why people would have a UTI. So drinking plenty of water is a clever idea and boosting immunity up. Coming back to that question again, can a UTI be there because of a yeast infection It can be because of the predisposing factor, but yeast infections don't generally cause UTIs as such, but they can develop out of yeast infections. So basically the smart thing to do if you have got a UTI is to improve your immune health.

Can I Still Get Pregnant With A Yeast Infection

Hi there, Eric Bakker here again, author of Candida Crusher and another question. Can I still get pregnant with recurring yeast infections You can of course, you can still get pregnant if you have a recurring yeast infection. But it wouldn't really be a good idea to do that. It would make more sense to get rid of your vaginal infection before you conceive for many different reasons. I think for comfort, in particular, you'll find if you can go through all your three stages of your pregnancy without a yeast infection, you're going to have a better pregnancy and.

A better delivery, wouldn't you agree I think you would. And also you don't really want to have rampant vaginal infection during the delivery time. It's not really something that many mothers would like to have. I can assure you. So you still can get pregnant. It is possible to treat a vaginal infection during pregnancy, particularly in the third trimester, but it's not something I really encourage you do in the first trimester, in particular, although there are various douche protocols that you can utilize. So to answer that question, can I still get pregnant with a recurring yeast infection.

Do Antibiotics Cause Yeast Infections

Good day, Eric Bakker, naturopath with another frequently asked question. Do antibiotics cause yeast infections This is a question that many people ask. Many people do take antibiotics, unfortunately, and in my opinion, antibiotic drugs are one of the number one causes of chronic yeast infections. Particularly, the prolonged and inappropriate and excessive use of broad spectrum antibiotics. Antibiotics are prescribed on quite a large and wide scale to kill diseasecausing bacteria, but unfortunately, they also kill healthy, normal, flora throughout the body and they can actually encourage yeast infections in many people. So antibiotics are implicated.

And, in my mind, would be one of the prime causes of yeast infections and recurring chronic yeast infections in many patients. One factor that many people don't realize is did you know that most antibiotic drugs are actually themselves developed from chemicals found in fungi species. So fungi actually create certain chemicals which kill bacteria around them. So by using certain chemicals and creating drugs from them, we can effectively kill bacteria yet allow the yeast to proliferate. So this is one reason why antibiotics are so effective at killing bacteria but allowing.

Their own species to thrive. So it's a little known fact. Another little known fact which you may not be aware of is the use of antibiotics in commercial meat poultry for example, chickens, and commercial chickens contain many different types of antibiotics. When you see how poultry are kept crammed in cages, it's not hard to see why they give them antibiotics to prevent diseases. So if you're eating commercial poultry, I recommend you go to Wikipedia and look up antibiotics in chicken or poultry. You might be quite surprised what you find.

So, yes they are. They're certainly implicated in the development and progression of a yeast infection. In fact, Dr. William Cook wrote extensively about antibiotics in his book, The Yeast Infection. It's a good book and well worth the read for you. So avoiding antibiotic drugs is one step in the right direction if you want to avoid yeast infections and particularly if you want to permanently cure your yeast infection. In my book, Candida Crusher, I've written about the 11 main causes of yeast infections, and antibiotic drugs, unfortunately, are on top of the list. So I do hope that answers.

Can I Treat My Yeast Infection During My Period

Good day, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author of Candida Crusher, with another question I get asked from time to time from my female patients. Can I treat my yeast infection while I'm on my period You can treat it while you're on your period, but I think a better time to treat a vaginal yeast infection is before your period in the proliferative phase. This is when the lining of the endometrium is starting to build up. So from ovulation through to period is a better time to treat. And in Chapter 5 of my book, Candida Crusher, you can read my unique twostep.

Treatment for chronic vaginal yeast infection. In the time building up to the menstrual cycle is a good time to use a kill or antifungal treatment. And in the postperiod time is a good time to do a restorative treatment or a building up treatment. And I guarantee you if you do three or four of these treatments concurrently for three to four months, you're going to notice a big improvement. So you can treat while you're on your period and I know some females do treat regardless of whether they've got their period or not, they'll treat. But I believe a better approach.

Can My Man Give Me A Yeast Infection

Good day there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author of Candida Crusher with another guy question. Can my man give me a yeast infection He can. It's absolutely possible and particularly men who are uncircumcised because if they roll the foreskin back, you see a white sort of skin irritation under hear. This could well be yeast. So a good advice if a male is in doubt is to go to this doctor and get that particular white sort of covering around penis there and get it checked out and swabbed to see if the doctor can culture yeast off this. It's a very common place for a guy to.

Have a yeast infection, so a good thing for a male to do is observe good hygiene and roll the foreskin back and wash this area very carefully and thoroughly. It's quite common. So a man can pass his infection to a partner, and this in turn can be passed back to him. So observe good hygiene. Tea tree oil is an excellent product, good antifungal to use. And tea tree oil soap is what I recommend to males to wash the genital region thoroughly with and his groin. A yeast infection can be around the rectal area, inner thighs, scrotum, penis this whole.

Can A Yeast Infection Be Caused By Taking Birth Control Pills

Good day, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author of Candida Crusher with a female FAQ. Erik, can yeast infections be caused by taking birth control pills That's an interesting question. Estrogen has a particular effect on helping to increase the proliferation of Candida in the body. And it will do so by a couple of different mechanisms. One theory with why yeast infections can increase at certain parts of the cycle, for example, is because estrogen can be heightened premenstrually, which will change the lining of the vagina so the mucous will change and the secretions will become thicker which allows.

More of a breeding ground for Candida and bacteria. One theory I've been reading is some experts believe that it's the delicate balance between estrogen and progesterone that is a thing with Candida proliferation at certain parts of the cycle. Estrogen and progesterone are balanced quite finely in the body. When this balance becomes disturbed, it can allow for an increase in opportunistic Candida. Now you can understand why many women experience more vaginal discomfort and yeast infection just before their period. And also many women during perimenopause and menopause but also.

Women who take the pill, Estradiol or synthetic estrogen, can also experience an increased incidence of a yeast infection. I've seen many women who begin taking the pill at a young age and then develop yeast infections. I also see many women who begin taking hormone replacement therapy and start noticing yeast infections. And also when they stop these pills, of course, they're going to get a change in estrogen level. Any time you begin taking a hormonal drug like this or cease taking it, you may notice some changes occurring there. Yes, the birth control is certainly linked up with an increased.

Why is My Ovulation Discharge Brown

Why is my ovulation discharge brown Are you sure it is not the start of your period Wrong time of the month for that time of the month. It is possible that the rupturing of the follicle containing the egg released a few drops of blood. You'd think that came out as red. If the blood is fresh, sure. When it takes a couple days to migrate down from the ovary through the uterus, it comes out brown. So that explains it. Not necessarily. The other reason you see discharge a couple days after ovulation is.

The implantation of the embryo. That I would expect to be red. Unless it is really mixed with cervical mucus. Unless it takes time to eventually dissipate. Why else might I have brown discharge Brown usually means blood. You can have brown discharge due to abnormal vaginal bleeding. So this is not normal. You could have an untreated social disease, and the act of trying to get pregnant got the sores aggravated instead. I'd need to see a doctor to get that treated before I had sex again. In some cases, you get brown discharge when ovulating if you had endometrial cancer or.

Ovarian cancer. However, that's rare. Good, because I do not need another reason to get paranoid searching medical databases on symptoms. Go to red alert status and the doctor if the brown discharge when you ovulate accompanies pelvic pain that isn't a ten minute twinge when the ovary releases an egg. I'm not one of the twenty percent of women who get ovarian pain when the egg releases. It could be as simple as drying out of the vaginal walls with age and sex trying to get pregnant causing minor injuries.

I know that would be the cause if I used so much feminine hygiene stuff that it irritated things. If you have urinary incontinence along with a yellow or brown discharge, it is probably gonorrhea. And I thought it might be something I could treat myself like a yeast infection. If it is yellow discharge or green, you either have trichomoiasis, gonorrhea or some other reason to see the doctor. I do not think it is a social disease though. Then you may have bleeding somewhere you should not and need to get checked out anyway.

How Can I Cure My Yeast Infection Naturally

Good day there, Eric Bakker. Here's a question from Jenny. Jenny lives in Alabama. I think that's in America, Alabama. Eric, how can I cure my yeast infection naturally This is a question I get asked quite regularly from people. Many people are concerned about pharmaceutical drugs. They're not interested in looking at pharmaceutical intervention or medical treatment for their yeast infection because they've been there, done that, it doesn't work vaginal infections, toenail infections, jock itch, there are many different types of yeast infections that simply don't respond permanently to pharmaceutical intervention.

Natural treatment is different. We're not just treating the symptoms here. We're going to look at the causes. We're going to get you to be accountable to make some changes and your body is going to respond by getting rid of this yeast infection permanently and naturally. So one way to cure your yeast infection naturally is to look at holistic, is to avoid pharmaceutical drugs entirely, keep away from antibiotics, the pill, hormone replacement therapy, antiinflammatory drugs, steroidal drugs, any type of drugs. You just need to watch out for these pharmaceutical.

Medications. They create side effects and they're going to give you problems long term, and then you end up with two types of problems your yeast infection and symptoms of a disease which you to eventually get on top of as well. Naturally curing Candida involves diet and lifestyle and using natural medicines. And there are many tutorials you'll find on my channel which are going to go indepth about the natural ways to cure a yeast infection. There are many very good natural medicines that will do exactly this that will cure the infection permanently without side effects and it's.

Exactly what you want if you're looking for a natural cure. So I hope that answers your question. Any more questions You're bound to find them on my YouTube channel. If you can't find them, please contact me on Candidacrusher and ask me your question and I'll reply to it. Subscribe to my channel you're bound to find a lot of questions on there that will answer your questions and you'll be the first one to find out about my new tutorials as well. And please go to yeastinfection to complete.

Can A Yeast Infection Spread From My Vagina To My Nipples

Hi there, Eric Bakker, author of Candida Crusher with another FAQ another lady's one. Can yeast from my vagina be spread to the nipple area It could, but it's not really likely. You need to be careful if you have oral thrush with sexual relations particularly to be careful. There is a chance of moving yeast around the body by engaging in oral sex, but it's quite remote though. It's not something I've generally discovered in clinical practice. A yeast infection can occur in the nipple area, so it's very important with lactation.

To keep that area quite clean and dry and to maybe use a tiny bit of oil around the nipple region because oils and fats generally are antifungal. So just a tiny little bit of oil around the region maybe quite beneficial a little bit of coconut oil, a little bit of wool fat or lanolin is quite good to help look after that nipple region. It's not really likely that you're going to spread a yeast infection, thrush, vaginal yeast infection to the nipple region. If you are breastfeeding, and you have got vaginal.

Thrush, I recommend that you follow my twostage protocol in Chapter 5 of my book, Candida Crusher. It will give you some very, very good outlines on how to get rid of this thing once and for all. It's helped many women, and I'm sure it can help you, too. Coming back to the nipples, if you do have a yeast infection there, you'll need to use local treatment and also systemic always get a better result when you do that. Try and follow a few of those ideas and there is a lot more in my book you can read regarding.

Can My Boyfriend Contract My Yeast Infection

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author of Candida Crusher with another frequently asked question. Can my boyfriend contract my yeast infection He certainly can. I've covered this in a previous frequently asked question. If you are female and have a vaginal yeast infection, there is certainly a bigger chance that your boyfriend or partner may contract this. While thrush is not necessarily an STD or a sexually transmitted disease, it can be transferred through sexual contact, oral sexual contact, for example. So if you are a female and do have a partner and are concerned, make sure that you clear.

Your thrush. At least get it diagnosed to make sure it's not bacterial vaginosis. It's really good to try and understand what you're dealing with, so you'll be in a better position to eradicate it. Bacterial vaginosis is very common. I've covered that in a previous FAQ as well. But, yes, you can pass a yeast infection on to your boyfriend and he, in turn, can pass it back to you. Something I call pass the parcel. So it's good to get on top of your vaginal infection sooner rather than later.

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