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Yeast Infection Pap Test

What is Yeast Infection Candidiasis

Hey everyone you are now watching the naked truth where we take one of your questions about sex and your body and give a straightforward answer. I'm Shilpa and let's get started so today's question comes from a 19yearold from Kolkata. I have severe itching around my vagina and I'm getting burning discharge. my friend said it's a yeast infection but is this an STD I've never had sex. So from what it sounds like you do have candidiasis or commonly known as a yeast infection. A fungus that grows in warm and moist.

Places of the skin such as your mouth or your vagina. So normally a woman's vagina already has yeast however if there's some sort of imbalance this can lead to a buildup excess yeast which then results in white and odorless discharge burning when you pee and severe itchiness. but don't worry this is not STI it is a very common infection amongst women so go ahead and consult a doctor to make sure so that it is indeed a yeast infection and here she will give you some cream or some pills to have it cleared up.

Wont A Vaginal Swab Be Sufficient To Detect My Yeast Infection

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, another question here. Here's a question from Susie in Tennessee. Would a vaginal swab be sufficient to detect my yeast infection That's a good question, Susie, and one I get asked every now and then from different patients. Women are often used to going to a doctor for a vaginal swab to determine the presence of a yeast infection to make sure it's a bacterial infection or a yeast infection. I just want to know what kind of infection I've got. So it's important to remember, though, that a.

Swab does not differentiate between a Candida infection and a vaginal colony of normally occurring vaginal Candida. The cotton swab is sampling the surface of the vaginal wall, and it won't tell you if your immune system is actually involved or if it's been producing antibodies against the Candida itself. The test will only indicate what's going on locally and not systemically. Another problem with a vaginal sampling is that if you're using a pessary or been douching the area or it's been sanitized to a degree, then it might return a false reading you.

May not get a positive response and that could really throw you out and then you really won't know what's going on there. You didn't think about those points, did you I'll bet you didn't. This catches quite a few people out, so you need to be careful about interpreting Candida tests, including vaginal swabs. So the results could be negative the results could be positive, so how do you really know what's going on there Don't make any false assumptions there. And a vaginal swab doesn't necessarily always determine the presence of a yeast infection for that reason. You.

May want to think carefully about having that douche or that pessary just prior to getting the vaginal sampling done. That's a good point there. So look at the totality of your symptoms as well to see what other kind of problems do you have Like fatigue, digestive problems, gas, bloating, sugar cravings, these things could also alert you toward a yeast infection. Be particularly careful there. I hope this answers your question. There are a lot more questions and a lot more answers you'll find on my YouTube channel, so be sure to have a look. And if the question is not there, go to candidacrusher and.

Neenah Pregnancy Kaldas Center

My mama was a righteous woman. She was of the opinion that you do well by people and good for people at every turn can. The way should start a conversation is Rami what good have you done for people today And so I think that had a deep influence on me. My job is my life. When I'm here in town I keep my pager on 247 and I try to deliver all of my patients. That's the kind of commitment that I would want from my doctor and that's the kind of commitment.

That I want to give to my patients. I think there's nothing really truly more empowering then watching a woman take control over her birth experience or her health care in general. I think that's what really shows what women are made of. I wanna be the person that when they remember their birth that they think you know what, there was this really great person that helped me get to where I wanted to be and that she was there and never had to worry that I was in it alone. We become friends.

You know! So I really get excited when we would bring back their babies or when they just peek their head into visit, because it is, its a friendship and a relationship that we established To be able to go through life truly with the job that you love is one of the greatest accomplishments you can have. We care so much that we will not within human ability let someone down on our promise to help them and so we are there for you. 9208862299 Kaldas Center for Fertility, Surgery Pregnancy, S.C. kaldascenter.

Kaldas Center Testimonial Meghan and Lincoln

When we wanted to get pregnant originally, we found out pretty early on that we were going to have some fertility issues. No one really wanted to treat or really figure out what was wrong with me why I couldn't do this on my own. I felt totally lost. I felt completely on this journey where people were just handing me drugs and saying do this on this day and voila you know and it just didn't work. Having heard really good things about Dr. Kaldas, I went and saw him and he said well, you have you know polycystic ovaries. We know that. Are you on, you know, are you on metformin, are you taking this medication to treat that No one had ever.No one had ever mentioned that to me or given that to me as an option. In the first ten minutes we sat down together, I felt like yeah this guy gets me and he he he's gonna have he's gonna help me. We're gonna make this happen, and we're gonna work together and he's gonna do everything he can to help me get this baby. We did the ultrasound that they initially do to start things, the ultrasound technician turns to me and says well there's a baby in there. And I literally my jaw dropped open. I said, like, what are you talking about you know. There can't be a baby in there. You know and then she goes there is. You're pregnant. There's a baby in there, and I said well you're going to have to give me a whole bunch of photos because my husband is not going to believe me. I feel like had I gone to Dr. Kaldas the first time around, I could have been saved years of heartache, you know, I probably would have been able to get pregnant when we wanted to, you know, without having to go through all the heartache, all of the hormones and the medications and all that goes with that and all the frustration. He wants what's best for you. He wants you to be happy and to have the family that you're dreaming about. Oohh you funny man. Aw yeah you're funny..

The Kaldas Center Neenah, WI Meet Dr. Donald Menya

I finished medical school and I happened to land a rotation in Kentucky, Whitesburg. A small town, I'm not even sure you know it. There was a gentleman there, Dr. Baker, and he let me deliver my first baby there. After experience, I was willing to fly, run, swim, go anywhere to do obstetrics and gynecology. That's how exhilarating, eyeopening, and unbelievable the experience was. Curiosity continues to drive me. I like to be on the cutting edge, um, cause I believe the more you know the better you can serve your patients.

Making them feel comfortable is my premium goal. Nothing is more rewarding than to go through that process meeting the patient, getting to know what it is that's ailing them, help them chose a treatment, and then, the tailend of that, they are free of what was ailing them. Be it, through medicine, be it through surgery, and if it is through surgery you always always always strive for no complications and the patient went home either the same day or the next day without any complications. That's always been the goal. uh, be it, uh.

Green Bay obgyn Meet Midwife Shelly Weisheipl Kaldas Center

Yes, I'm always this smiley. This never shuts off. I've been a midwife for a long time, actually 19 years. So, I started practicing in Oshkosh. I've always wanted, um, to be, and I think that I am, very approachable. That, um, I like to keep things laid back and in an environment that you feel like you can ask me anything. I love conversation and, and have a great time with my patients so sometimes, you know, get the medical things completed but we have a good time doing the rest. So that just makes it a relaxed environment.

Cause you know the doctor's office can be kind of intimidating. I don't want it to be that way. So a lot dialogue, um so, that I think it really key component of midwifery care is just that individualized, very personal care. Um, and taking a lot of time to do it. Um, from everything. From the very beginning to the birth plan and, um, coming in all their deliveries and making sure that even if you're not there every moment that plan is in place. That you're communicating with the nurses and the doctors is this is what's going to.

Happen. Even if you have to step away for a little while, the plan is intact. So you're that patient advocate throughout. Helping women succeed and have real choices, educated choices, um, is core. Is, I'm, that's what I would want myself, it's what I would want for my daughters, and my sister. Um, to have someone listen to them, validate their fears, or concerns, and help them, really help them. You know that independent woman's woman. I think a patient once said that to me and I felt like that's one of the greatest compliments.

Green Bay Endometriosis Samantha Charlotte Testimonial Kaldas Center

When Charlotte was born we had access to Mary Williams as a midwife. When I was talking with her about doing unmedicated labor her eyes just lit up and you could tell that's something she's passionate about. She shared with me, that that's how she had birthed her own children so there was that connection like woman to woman, mom to mom that hey you go girl, you can do this! She was walking the hallways with us in the birth ward. I mean she'd been walking round and round in circles with us.

For about 45 minutes to an hour and she would stop when I stopped, she would massage my back, she would kind of coach my husband for some things that he could be doing to support me. She at one point just holding my hand. Like she was just so present so to have that support there was amazing! I just really appreciate her warmth and skill as a practitioner. I'll be with her as long as I ever possibly can. She is just fantastic! Doctor Kaldas is probably the most patient centered OB I have ever met.

Alot of OB's especially I think come into it saying this is the way we do it without regard to what your personal needs our wishes are and I always felt like Doctor Kaldas wanted to give us the experience that we wanted. I don't think they have their own agendas. I think they're just very patient forward, patient first and they want to help Patients realize that experience Again, especially because something like this is so personal and so dear and so precious to your family, I just wanted more of a say.

What is a Pap Smear The Naked Truth I Her Body

You guys ever gotten a pap smear before It's a bit uncomfortable because the gynecologist gets up close and personal with parts of your body that you're not even up close and personal with but I'm sure you note that cervical cancer is actually the most common form of cancer affecting Indian women and the pap smear is test for it. Basically the doctor checks the cells of your cervix to see if there is any infection or if any cells can later on turn into cancer. So if you are over 21 you should get a pap.

Smear done every two years. Basically you will go in for a pelvic exam and the doctor will take a metal device known as a speculum too wide in the opening to the vagina this sounds super scary but it's not the case. You'll lay there legs spread and the doctor will take a small brush and swipe your cervix basically he's collecting the sample cells needed for testing. It's really important you do this simple test because it can detect cervical cancer. Look at it this way if you could go to a math tutor to figure out what areas your weak in.


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