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Yeast Infection In Urine Culture

Is Cloudy Urine A Sign Of Candida

Interesting tutorial coming up right now. It’s regarding cloudy urine. I’ve got a question from a lady in San Francisco called Michio. Must be Japanese names. A Michio from San Francisco is asking me, Eric, I’ve got cloudy urine. Do I have a yeast infection? Not necessarily. First thing I would get you to do is go to a and get the urine culture to see if it’s bacterial or fungal or what the heck’s going on. Cloudy urine is not necessarily something really bad. Many people have discolored urine or cloudy urine from time to time. It can often signify a urinary tract infection, particularly if you’re a young female. Some women can get recurring UTIs, urinary tract infections, or bladder.

Infections. It’s not that uncommon. My daughters had these on and off, here and there. Many of my patients have had them. There can be various reasons for it. With young people, it can mean frequent intercourse or alcohol consumption. There can be various causes for it. Cloudy urine with pain, however, is a different thing because that can be a more serious sign. Particularly, if you’ve got pain in the lower back, which can signify kidney pain. If there’s any blood in the urine, you need to get that checked out promptly, of course, any pinky color to the urine. But saying that, if you eat beetroot, you could have light red urine. I eat quite a lot of beetroot and sometimes.

The stool or the urine can be discolored red for that reason. So don’t automatically panic with cloudy urine. And even don’t automatically panic if it’s tinged red. Think about what you’re eating. Think about your sexual history. Think about a lot of different things. Your stress levels. Lots of different things you need to think about. If you get a consistent pattern of cloudy urine with blood or pain, you need urgent attention, no doubt. But get the urine cultured to see if you’ve got some kind of an infection like an ecoli infection. A couple of good tips with cloudy urine. If you do have an infection, forget commercial cranberry juice because it’s often loaded with sugar. Go to the health food shop and.

Buy actual cranberries, get about a tablespoon of these and simmer them up in some hot water for 20 minutes, cover it with a lid, and then drink two glasses per day. Cranberry like that is very alkaline. It’s very good to stop bacterial infections, particularly. DMannose, Mannose is a powder that you can buy in a health food shop. It’s called Mannose. It’s fantastic for urinary tract infections because again it stops ecoli, Escherichia coli or the bacteria from adhering to the urethra, so you’ll actually pea out the bacteria rather than affecting the bladder or the urethral wall. So it’s a good way to get rid of a bacterial infection. Yeast infection of the bladder is a little.

Bit different. You need to treat it more holistically, systemically, digestion. But the big thing with these infections is you’ve got to cut the sugar. You really need to cut sugar. And also with a bacterial infection, you need to make those diet changes or you’re wasting your time. Treating infection is one thing; preventing infection is the smart thing. If you’re going to be dumb, you’ll keep going back for recurring treatment like a lot of people do. If you’re intelligent, you’ll treat the infection, eradicate it, and prevent recurrence of infection. That to me is intelligence. So that’s a key thing for you to do. Some key foods for you to eat for strengthening the urinary tract up are lots of high quality.

Vegetables, lean proteins, lots and lots of water, but the big thing is not to drink alcohol. Caffeine sparingly, but no alcohol with any kind of urinary problem. It’s quite bad. And also, lots of heavy proteins like red meats. Fish and chicken are better meats to eat, I feel, for kidney function rather than things like red meats. Temporarily cut back on heavy protein, increase water intake, and look at things like these cranberries. You can also get different kidney formulations, herbal ones that help to really tonify these areas. Don’t automatically assume you’ve got a Candida infection with cloudy urine. Get it cultured first. And in many cases, it’ll be an ecoli infection. Recurring antibiotics.

Is a dumb thing because often these bacteria become resistant to antibiotics. And even Methoprim, which is a strong antibiotic, they can become resistant to that. So you don’t really want to use antibiotics with any kind of a urinary tract infection if you can avoid it. I hope that gives you an insight into cloudy urine. Thank you for tuning in.

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