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Yeast Infection Cramps Backache

Our most powerful detox tool is a castor oilpack. Castor oil medically has been proven to break up tumors, it’s great fro cysticacne, hemorrhoids, body pain, healing skin rashes, but it’s incredibly effective on theliver and on lymphatic draining and lymphatic flow. That means toxins and debris that arein the lymph start to move. When you start your castor oil pack series really do it everynight for at least a month. And you can fall asleep with the castor pack on you, that’swhat I do. When we detox we will get detox symptoms, we might feel better and then wemight feel worse. You need your castor oil.I sell a great quality organic castor oil onmy website at Kiki Flynn do com Store. You

need a hot water bottle. I have already filledthis hot water bottle so you can see ho to fill it. You can boil the water on the stoveand then you’re going to fill it. There’s no air in there. And it’s flat like this you’renot going to fill it like a big balloon. One organic cotton cloth or flannel. One old grungytowel. We’re going to use the same flannel night after night for a week. And then we’regoing to throw it in the trash and use a new flannel. Our castor oil is very thick andgooey. And I’m really just going to pour this on like this.And I’m just going to rub itin. There. Soaking. Now what’s going to happen is, this oil is going to go here over theliver and this whole area. Oily pack, protective

towel, hot water bottle. On the right sideof the body Here. For 45 minutes. When you’re done, you’re going to take this put it inthe fridge, you can store it in a little glass container. The next night you’re going totake it out and you’re going to add more oil. Your’e going to sleep in a dingy old Tshirtand continue like that nightly. This is going to have an incredible effect. When you takeit off you can massage the area. Drink plenty of water while you’re doing your castor oilpacks throughout the day, so you keep cleansing Eat a light fresh whole foods diet. Reallyknow that you’re taking great care of your own health when you start these castor oilpacks. And always have plenty of castor oil

on hand.Let me know any questions or commentsor you have about castor oil packs. You don’t just have to live on juices to detox. We canbe managing our detox in lots of other ways. Watch my easy detox while you sleep tutorialby clicking here. And I have another detox playlist that you can watch clicking here.The links are also below. Come hang out with me on Facebook or Google plus as Kiki Says.Sign up for my Kiki Weekly newsletter to get the best of my tutorials at Kiki Flynn dot com.Check out my store. Come say hi, ask questions, send emails. I want you to be your happy healthiestbest, and enjoy your healthy detox.

Why Your Boobs Hurt Before Your Period

Ow. Am I right, ladies? Hello everyone! Welcome to another episodeof DNews. Amy here with you guys and gals today, and you gals specifically might haveexperienced sore breasts in the days leading up to your period. Premenstrual breast tenderness, properly calledquot;cyclical mastalgia,quot; or quot;cyclical mastodynia,� is extremely common with severity varyingbetween women. Some might feel a dull ache while others may experience stabbing or shootingpains. It all comes down to fluctuating hormones.Estrogen levels begin to rise in the first

half of a menstrual cycle, causing the breastducts to enlarge. Once an egg is released from the ovary, the body produces progesteroneto help thicken the uterine lining in anticipation of that egg being fertilized and implanted— pregnancy. Progesterone also causes the milk glands in the breasts to swell. It’sthe rising level of those two hormones that lead to breast soreness. But sore breasts could also be an indicatorof fibrocystic breast disease, a condition that leads to large, noncancerous lumps appearingin the breast tissue before menstruation. They move when pushed but typically disappearonce menstruation begins.

The exact timing of the hormone levels changingvaries for each woman as do specific symptoms, though in most cases symptoms typically peakjust before menstruation. And it’s more than just tenderness and soreness. Breasttissue at this point in a woman’s cycle may become denser and have a bumpy, cobblestonelikefeeling, especially in the outer areas of the breast. There may be a general lingeringdull pain and an overall sense of fullness leaving the breasts feeling heavy. Premenstrual breast soreness could be worseif you’ve just started taking hormonal birth control, like the pill. Breast soreness andenlargement is itself a side effect of the

pill along with weight gain. And of course, sore breasts is just one ofa wide array of premenstrual symptoms women are all too familiar with. Emotional symptomslike mood changes, physical symptoms like abdominal or even full body bloating, andcognitive symptoms like exhaustion. Premenstrual breast soreness affects roughly70% of women during their lifetime with up to about a third of women experiencing moderateto severe pain. And it’s most common for women between the ages of 30 and 50. And unfortunately, there’s not much to doabout it besides wait. But luckily, breast

soreness typically goes away as soon as yourperiod starts, or at least within a couple of days. So, ladies, any tips and tricks to share ondealing with premenstrual breast pain? Let us know in the comments below or you cancatch me on Twitter as @astVintageSpace. And don’t forget to subscribe for more DNewsevery day of the week.

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