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Yeast Infection Blue Discharge


What bleeds every month without dying, produces pleasure, and can push out entire human beings It's the one, the only, vagina. Oh hi babes, here are ten little known facts about the almighty vagina. The vagina is like a sock. You can put feet in it! I'm just kidding, don't put feet in it, unless. Anyway, the vagina is a pathway of muscles that's flat when there's nothing in it. Also like a sock, there's a top that stops things from getting lost. Here's my PlayDoh vagina. At the top of the vagina is the cervix.

Which looks like a little doughnut and has a tiny little hole called the os. Not a whole lot can get through that hole. Sperm can get in, blood can get out, or your period. The hole can get big to let fetuses out but other than that, it's pretty solid. Vagina is Latin for sheath or sword holder. Can you guess what sword it's referring to Just like the penis, vaginas get erections too! When you're aroused, blood rushes down to all your happy bits and your genitals and the cervix and the uterus actually.

Lift up a little bit, usually a couple inches. This causes the vagina to lengthen and your vagina can expand up to 200 percent when you're turned on. The power of the horny, people. You may have heard that the hymen needs to be broken but that's not true. The hymen, or vaginal corona is a thin membrane that's leftover from when the vagina is being formed before you're born. That membrane sits near the opening of the vagina and it doesn't pop, break, tear, and it should not bleed. They're also really fun because they come.

In all kinds of shapes and configurations! Vaginas share properties with sharks. When you're turned on, tiny glands produce a few drops of natural lubrication. That lubrication contains a substance called squalene which is also found in shark livers. That's right, if you want, it can be shark week every week. The gspot is actually the internal clitoris. The gspot sits about two inches inside the vagina on the wall closest to your belly button, like this. You're basically hitting the little legs of the clitoris. There's also some sensitive tissue around the urethra,.

Your peehole, which is right above it. That's why gspot stimulation might feel really nice, but also like ehh, am I gonna pee on you right now Vagina dentata, or vagina with teeth, aren't far from reality. Castration fears come to life in all kinds of ancient folklore about vaginas that have teeth. Now there haven't been any documented cases of vaginas that have teeth. However, there have been documented cases of teeth in ovaries and teeth in uteruses, uteri. These are called cystic teratomas and they're basically the result of stem cells.

Winding up in places that they should not be. Only 25 percent of women orgasm with their vagina. The average understanding of sex is that penis in vagina equals orgasm, but that's not nearly the full story. Only about 25 percent of women reliably experience orgasm with vaginal penetration. The clitoris, the outside of it, is much more likely to get you to the happy place. About one in 5,000 female babies is born without a vagina. It's called vaginal agenesis and it happens when the vagina fails to fully form in utero.

Most of the time this isn't discovered until the person's in their teens but luckily there's treatment for it if they want. Feeling more confident about your vagina can help to improve orgasm. As women get older they report having more satisfying sex. One of the key reasons for this is that the women have more experience and they're more confident with their vajayjay. So don't be shy, vaginas are one of the most powerful parts of the human body. Here's your daily reminder to give it the love and credit that it deserves.

Things Women Dont Know About Their Periods

Voiceover It happens about once a month so you may think you're an expert. Well sit back down because there are quite a few things women don't know about their periods. The average period can release anywhere from one cup down to a few tablespoons of blood which really isn't that much. It just seems like a lot because you don't just lose blood, you also shed tissue and mucus. Whoa, that's kind of badass. For decades blue liquid has been the default standin for menstrual blood in advertisements for feminine products.

However, in 2011 Always broke this trend and used a red dot. I wish my period was just one red dot. In the US tampons are the most popular method to trap the flow. Reportedly 70 of women in the western world use them. But that's certainly not the only way. Some studies suggest that your menstrual cycle may be tied to the moon with the most common start date for a cycle beginning on the new moon. That's kind of beautiful. But everybody's different. Cycles can vary in length from 21 to 35 days.

And are typically longer during the first few years of menstruation and that's totally normal. Feeling less than graceful No worries. Right before your period you might bump into more things. Clumsiness can be an unfortunate side effect of PMS. Time is also an unfortunate side effect. A woman can spend around 7 to 10 of her life on her period. That's a whole lot of time. Humans are magical creatures. We're one of the few beasts on the planet that have visible periods. Some other animals reabsorb their uterine lining.

Bloody Good Period Hacks

Voiceover Bloating, cramping, aching, moodiness, yeah you know periods suck, but don't take your period laying down. Hack it with these bloody good period hacks. Cramps are the result of your uterus contracting, sometimes so hard you lose blood flow to the uterus. On top of that, the best stuff, caffeine, salt, fat, and alcohol can make cramping worse. So ease up on those offenders, and you have to chug a ton of water. It's not fun, it's not fair, but it'll help your uterus chill. Ease pain with exercise.

Dance is good, yoga is great, but the best form of exercise for cramping is sex. I mean, sex relaxes your muscles, it releases dopamine, and flushes out the uterine lining. So while it might be a mess, it's for a good cause. And going solo is as good, if not better. When it's that time of the month your blood sugar may drop, and your brain sends out the signal, Feed me now or I am gonna get hangry. Don't grab the candy and cake. Instead, reach for the chocolate.

Discharge During Pregnancy When to Worry Parents

When you're pregnant, having increased discharge is very, very common. It's called leukorrhea of pregnancy, and it's caused by hormonal changes that affect the uterus, the cervix, the vagina. And for the most part, it's nothing to worry about. If you are having symptoms of abnormal discharge, which can include itching, or burning, or discoloration, or odor, you should talk to your doctor. And typically, we'll have you come into the office, we'll do an exam. You'll be checked for infections, which can include yeast vaginitis or bacterial vaginosis, both of which are not lifethreatening, both of which are easily treatable with prescription.

Creams. A lot of the books will lead you to think that losing your mucus plug means that labor is gonna start any moment. But in reality, you can lose your mucus plug weeks before going into labor. I think it's important to differentiating the third trimester discharge from having your water break. It's a common question that we get. Patients aren't sure if their water's broken. And so, the first question we ask them is to see if they can discern whether it's watery liquid, or it's more sticky and mucousy liquid that's coming.

Can You Have Implantation Bleeding 5 Days Past Ovulation

Can you have implantation bleeding 5 days past ovulation It usually takes six or seven days for the egg to migrate from the ovary to the uterus to implant. Then five days would be faster than usual but still in the realm of possibility. Or it is possible you're wrong about the ovulation date. I track all the physical signs. You could have mistaken a pulled stomach muscle from yoga for the minor ovary pain about one in five women have when the follicle containing the egg bursts. PMS is bad enough for me I'm glad I do not have that.

If you were tracking cervical mucus, it shifts from thick, white and gooey to clear and watery when you ovulate. You could have mistaken the lotion like transition form for the ovulation and been off by a day. A day off on the ovulation date that way means I'm either four days seeing implanting or right on schedule. If you were tracking ovulation based on the calendar, the norm is half way through or day 14, but if you actually ovulate around day 10 or 12, implanting right now would be.

Normal. What else could it be You could also have an STD and mistake the bleeding from irritated open sores for implantation. If that's true, I need to see an OBGYN anyway. Some women see spots of blood because they wore too tight pants an irritated the genital area that skin's really thin. And yet a baby is supposed to fit through there. There's a reason it hurts, and generates a lot of bodily fluids. There's also the possibility you're mistaking other bodily fluids for a few drops of blood. It is way too early for my period.

A lot of women miss the blood spots of implantation because they do not actually develop any, while others mistake thick yellow or orange cervical mucus for it. Blood plus white cervical mucus equals orange. Yeah, but a bad yeast infection or sexually transmitted disease can create the same symptoms. I'm trying to get pregnant, and life is the only sexually transmitted disease I should be dealing with right now. It would be highly unusual to have implantation on day 5 after ovulation unless you're just wrong on the ovulation date.

Is My Baby Allergic to Diapers

My daughter has a diaper rash that just won't go away. Is my baby allergic to diapers You have to be careful with that diagnosis. The baby may have a yeast rash due to ongoing moisture, which is solved by switching to more absorbent diapers and changing more often. How can I test for diaper allergy I can't live as a diaperfree family. Switch to a different brand of disposable diaper with a different type of filler. Use disposable diapers with cotton inserts instead of gel made from seaweed. I hate the idea of using cloth diapers. Especially washing them.

It's only long enough to see if that clears up the rash. And food sensitivity could cause a diaperarea rash, too. How That's about the only part of her body not covered in food after dinner. If the baby is allergic to the food and it all passes through relatively undigested, now the skin is in contact with it. Oh, gross. How can I find out if she has food allergies or diaper allergies Pediatricians can do allergy tests for both. But food allergies will be worst around the butt hole, while diaper allergies are everywhere the diaper is in contact.

I could try cloth diapers for a week. Simpler and better for the planet, I've heard. Some babies are allergic to the dyes and fragrances in the diapers. Switching to more absorbent, plain jane diapers tells you if the problem is the cute blue color instead of the gel used inside of it. So switching to Seventh Generation diapers without fragrances, dyes and sea weed gel could clear this up in most cases. As would using disposable cotton inserts in generic diapers. Both of which are budget busters. This isn't a budget buster. Wait until she starts college!.

Emergency Dog Health Care How to Treat Dog Ear Infections

Hi I'm Dr. Adrienne Mulligan of Camp Verde Veterinary Clinic in Arizona to tell you today about problems with dogs ears on behalf of expertvillage. This is Maya and this is my helper Amber. First I'm going to talk to you about a simple ear infection that you might notice that you dog would have some discharge coming from there ear or a odor. Some people notice a odor but the discharge will often be blackish or brownish and if you miss with there ears a little bit you might hear noise which may be moisture inside.

The ears. There is a number of things that could be causing it so you don't want to play doctor at home you do want to take your dog to the vet. If your dog is having a bit of discomfort at home and the vet is not open and you need to wait for tomorrow. There are somethings that you could do if you keep a few things at home. Basic ear wash is sold at any pet store and a ear wash is a liquid that you could use as a flush. To help flush.

Out some of the debris and potential form bodies and potential insects are exceed and things like roaches and other insects with big wings. That i have pulled out of dogs ears deep inside not to mention ear wigs. Sometimes they do come out of the ears and so if you have a problem that you notice that your dogs ears you could use a ear flush to pour inside the ear and massage it a little bit and clean that out. But, always use cotton balls to absorb the remaining fluid that you put in and it would bring out a little bit.

Of the dirt with it but, it would also help to lubricate the ear so There is a foreign body she may be able to actually shake her head and fling it out. Also want to mention that it is a fairly common myth that dogs adult dogs get ear mites and the is really not true in most cases. The occasional dog will get ear mites in a filthy environment with lots of cats with ear mites but for the most part it is just not usually the case. They usually get a yeast infection and it could be do to many other reasons. So don't.

Go to the store and buy ear mite medicine and anything for ear mites go to your veterinarian and get a diagnosis first but, the other thing that you could do if you suspect of foreign body like out west we have fox tail which are really nasty and won't come out very easily you could lubricate the ear with olive oil and sometimes that would grease it up enough that they can shake it out. So that is a little home remedy. If you happen to have any kind of a ointment from your veterinarian this would calm a ear until you could get her to.

Dog First Aid How to Treat an Ear Infection in a Dog

Once you've got the spot dirty on your cottonball, you're going to change it in this case I just flipped it over. Okay, once I've gotten that cottonball quite mucky, I'm going to get another one. Clean, start with a clean cottonball, you might want to open your container. Okay, and you can go deeper than you would in a dog's ear, then you would think you would in a human's ear, but its best to hold the ear up and go in, and try to clean the ear out from the top, using your cottonball. Never probe too deeply.

In here you don't want to puncture the eardrum. Okay, so once you've used your medicated cleaner to clean out the dogs ear, if your vet has given you an ointment and typically you'll get some sort of an ointment from your vet, then you're going to take the ointment, put a small amount in the ear, and then you're going to massage the ear, so you're moving that ointment all through the ear. Once you've done that, you can wait until the next time you have to make the application. Follow the instructions that.

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Vaginal Wet Mount, Microscopic View

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