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Yeast Infection Bleeding Belly Button

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Why Does My Belly Button Smell

Why does my belly button smell? Is this something you suddenly noticed whilenavel gazing? No. We’ll just say someone else noticed it. In yoga or a more intimate situation? None of your business. If you recently got a belly button piercing,I’d say it was a sign of an infection. All my piercings have been there for a while. If you do not clean things out periodically,you can still get an infection.

If belly button lint could cause illness,there are lots of guys with beer bellies who would die of that long before heart attackshit. You’re right that it could be belly buttonlint. Or, rather, mold growing there. It is not green, just dingy. You may need to take a long hot shower. I already do that. Otherwise, no one wouldnotice the belly button smell because of the odor from under my arms. Frankly, it may be a yeast infection.

That’s usually a problem lower down on women.And guys, too, AKA jock itch. If you wash yourself in that area first andthen scrub your stomach, you could spread the yeast to that area. And we’re not as thoroughcleaning out the belly button as areas where we could get diaper rash. Such a lovely image you’ve provided. In theory, you could have a herniated bellybutton. I thought the belly button was a hernia. No, it is a scar from your umbilical cordfalling off. People sometimes get a hernia

through that weak area in the abdominal wall,but you’d be ill before you noticed a weird smell. If it was something like that, I’d need togo to the . Go take a shower first and make sure thereis not any rotting leftover herbal essences from your body wash. If that does not solvethe problem, go see a professional..

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