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Yeast Infection And Brown Period

Why is my ovulation discharge brown? Are you sure it is not the start of your period? Wrong time of the month for that time of the month. It is possible that the rupturing of the follicle containing the egg released a few drops of blood. Youd think that came out as red.

If the blood is fresh, sure. when it takes a couple days to migrate down from the ovary through the uterus, it comes out brown. So that explains it. Not necessarily. The other reason you see discharge a couple days after ovulation is the implantation of the embryo. That I would expect to be red.

Unless it is really mixed with cervical mucus. unless it takes time to eventually dissipate. Why else might I have brown discharge? Brown usually means blood. You can have brown discharge due to abnormal vaginal bleeding. So this is not normal. You could have an untreated social disease, and the act of trying to get pregnant got the sores aggravated instead.

Id need to see a to get that treated before i had sex again. In some cases, you get brown discharge when ovulating if you had endometrial cancer or ovarian cancer. However, thats rare. Good, because I do not need another reason to get paranoid searching medical databases on symptoms. Go to red alert status and the if the brown discharge when you ovulate accompanies.

Pelvic pain that isnt a ten minute twinge when the ovary releases an egg. Im not one of the twenty percent of women who get ovarian pain when the egg releases. It could be as simple as drying out of the vaginal walls with age and sex trying to get pregnant causing minor injuries. I know that would be the cause if I used so much feminine hygiene stuff that it irritated things.

If you have urinary incontinence along with a yellow or brown discharge, it is probably gonorrhea. And I thought it might be something I could treat myself like a yeast infection. If it is yellow discharge or green, you either have trichomoiasis, gonorrhea or some other reason to see the . I do not think it is a social disease though.

Vaginal Discharge After Hysterectomy

I need your advice on vaginal discharge after hysterectomy. It certainly shouldnt include blood, since you cant have a period anymore. I know any blood after a hysterectomy means something is broken, well bad. But Ive heard there could be some. Brown vaginal discharge for a couple of weeks after a hysterectomy is normal. I thought it would only last a few days.

The red bloody discharge as incisions heal is only a few days, while the brown dried blood can leak out over weeks. So even without a period, I have to wear maxi pads for another month or two. Dont use tampons. I know, they recommended against that, even with the expected discharge. If you lift anything heavy in the six weeks afterward and get a rush of blood, get to.

The emergency room because you tore something. They gave me the same advice as when you have a kid dont lift anything heavier than a newborn. You can have bleeding because you tore things having sex too soon after the hysterectomy too. Lets just say surgery and vaginal discharge like this are the exact opposite of the mood.

Required for that to happen. Any spotting with a bad odor, though, is a reason to see a . Even if it is a really bad yeast or bacterial infection, it needs to be treated. So the standard yeast infection with a beer smell is really bad right now. Yes. And a thick white curdish material coming out from an infection is also really bad. What other discharge should I be on the lookout for?.

Any thick yellow drainage is a possible infection of the surgical wound, so you need to see the about that. Ditto if you cant pee or poop. Id certainly see a about not being able to go to the bathroom. A warning sign is when it hurts to do so. They tell you to have laxatives and lots of fiber to reduce the straining down there. If it burns when you pee, thats a urinary tract infection, but it could mean other bacteria.

Are in the incisions. and green and yellow discharge from the vagina means there definitely is. So even though I cant have kids, I still get a few more weeks of looking at the multicolored diaper pad insert. You are supposed to talk to the any time there is bleeding heavier than light spotting and any discharge that has a bad odor. If in doubt, ask the doc.

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