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Sitz Bath Yeast Infection Apple Cider Vinegar

1 00:00:01:00 gt; 00:00:01:60 Hey everybody. 2 00:00:01:70 gt; 00:00:06:30 I wanted to shoot this tutorial to share some tips on how you can battle BV. 3 00:00:07:00 gt; 00:00:11:20 BV is an infection caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina.

4 00:00:11:30 gt; 00:00:16:00 Normally there is a delicate balance of good and bad bacteria in the vagina, 5 00:00:16:10 gt; 00:00:19:50 but when you get BV, the balance is upset. 6 00:00:19:60 gt; 00:00:20:50 More simply,.

7 00:00:20:60 gt; 00:00:24:50 there are not enough good bacteria and too many bad bacteria. 8 00:00:25:00 gt; 00:00:28:00 BV is commonly treated with the antibiotics. 9 00:00:28:10 gt; 00:00:32:50 But unfortunately they have 80% failure rate for treating BV.

10 00:00:32:60 gt; 00:00:34:00 So what are the alternatives? 11 00:00:34:10 gt; 00:00:38:50 First and foremost I recommend cutting down on your sugar consumption. 12 00:00:38:60 gt; 00:00:41:00 Sugar feeds the growth of bad bacteria.

13 00:00:41:10 gt; 00:00:43:00 Supplements like strong vitamin D, 14 00:00:43:10 gt; 00:00:48:00 vitamin C and folic acid are essential when battling BV. 15 00:00:48:10 gt; 00:00:50:10 So consider taking them.

16 00:00:50:20 gt; 00:00:53:50 Also you should introduce probiotics to your diet. 17 00:00:54:00 gt; 00:00:57:00 Start taking probiotic pills and eat probiotic foods like kefir, 18 00:00:57:10 gt; 00:00:59:50 sauerkraut and livecultured yogurt.

19 00:00:59:70 gt; 00:01:03:00 This will increase the amount of good bacteria in your system. 20 00:01:03:90 gt; 00:01:07:20 And by the way, you can also use probiotics internally. 21 00:01:07:30 gt; 00:01:11:20 Just crush couple of Acidophilus tablets.

22 00:01:11:30 gt; 00:01:14:30 and mix them with small amount of water to make a thick paste 23 00:01:14:40 gt; 00:01:16:00 and apply this internally. 24 00:01:16:10 gt; 00:01:19:50 I know what that sounds like, but It works, trust me.

Hemorrhoids Home Remedy Suppository Recipe to Rapidly Cure Piles Coconut Oil Garlic

All you need to cure your hemorrhoids at home is this: a garlic press, 3 cloves of garlic, coconut oil, a cutting board and baking paper or saran wrap. Press the garlic into 1/4 cup of organic coconut oil. Now, mix coconut oil and garlic until you have a smooth mixture. Then shape the mixture into small sausages. Put the hemorrhoid suppositories into your fridge for about 20 minutes. Now insert one into your rectum overnight for 12 weeks. Bye bye hemorrhoids!.

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