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Reoccuring Yeast Infection During Period

Vaginal Discharge During Menopause

I need your input on vaginal discharge during menopause. When you're going through menopause, you'll have your period less often or less intensely before it finally shuts off. I know menopause isn't an off switch but more a slow fade. When you're going through menopause, you'll see similar shifts in vaginal discharge like white and sticky to dry right before your period, but you may not see the clear and slippery phase for ovulation. Because I might not ovulate. However, when you're going through menopause, there's still a chance you'll get pregnant.

And have a kid with a higher risk of health problems. Or multiples. As your eggs hit their expiration date, the body offsets it by releasing multiple eggs. What other vaginal discharge should I expect during menopause If it starts to smell sweet down there, you're probably developing diabetes especially so if the urine smells sweet and looks like syrup too. A rash of repeated yeast infections can be a symptom of diabetes too. And your odds of adult onset diabetes go up with age. What else should I know.

With age, the vaginal discharge goes down, which is why older women tend to need lubrication, since the body doesn't make as much. And while a lack of lubrication and make you more sensitive to yeast and bacterial infections, using too much lubrication can alter pH levels and do the same. You'll know you have one of those infections by the foul smelling discharge if it is bacterial and the fish smell with yellow and solid masses if yeast based. Fortunately, I haven't had to do a smell test to see what is wrong.

If you get red or brown vaginal discharge, you'll probably want to talk to a doctor. We already discussed how your period fades away at this age. Yes, but red blood that's constant indicates lesions or a serious infection, while brown blood can be a period that's not complete or internal bleeding. Okay, that's a reason to talk to the doctor. And just because you don't have to use birth control anymore doesn't mean you don't have to use birth control. Menopause is all natural birth control. Just because you can't get pregnant anymore doesn't mean you can't get a sexually.

frequent yeast infections Treatments for frequent yeast infections

How many I many mission right now and I wanted to take a minute to share about yeast infection no more by Linda Allen because I had suffered from yeast infection for a year and was unable to get to go away and the anti different tablets medications and antifungal cream and nothing seem to actually work and actually the best thing that I did for myself she's doing a little research online and that's how I found this and she her ebook is so incredible because it really goes in depth in explaining.

How to get rid of a yeast infection and and is of a bitch is this you know the traditional international treatment is what is actually been the most effective and now here I am without suffering frequent yeast infections I don't have all that pain in the ass for nice and all that and sticking with ok got I it's just so nice to be used infection free I so if you haven't checked out this ebook I definitely recommend it's been so helpful to me and I don't see why wouldn't be to anyone else as well.

Does Stress Cause Yeast Infections

Good day, Eric Bakker here again with another frequently asked question regarding yeast infection. Does stress cause yeast infections Stress causes many different problems in the body, many different problems, and a good way for you probably to look at it from this angle is that about 90 percent of all visits to the doctor are because of a stressrelated complaint. So stress has an amazingly insidious effect on the immune system. In the initial stages of stress when a person's under high stress, they will have heightened hormone response they'll have more cortisol and more adrenaline, in particular. The adrenals are going to pump.

Out more of these hormones to allow you to cope with the acute manifestations of stress. However, once stress continues unabated, you keep having these problems long term, relationship problems or money problems, many different types of issues that face us on a daytoday basis. When they become chronic and longterm, even though low grade, they'll have a depleting effect on the adrenal system, what we call the HPA stress excess. And over time, these hormones actually will not only decrease in quantity, but their activity will decrease in the body. The cells become less responsive requiring even more hormones to be pumped.

Out and produced. Over a period of time, it's just not really going to happen and you slowly slide into a condition we call adrenal fatigue. I'm going to explain a lot more about the adrenalyeast connection in other tutorials. But stress is certainly implicated with yeast infections. How do you know that yeast infections are caused by stress If you take a look at my book, I think it's page 469 in my book. You can read a lot more about the adrenal stress connection with immunity. Have a look at the other type of problems that you may be facing.

Like fatigue, insomnia, irritability, in particular. There are different ways that stress can affect you in terms of a yeast infection. First thing I would ask you, what type of stresses have you faced in the past several years Can you remember any stressful events which preceded the diagnosis of this yeast infection, for example There's often a link there. If you think carefully, you'll find a connection there. So as cortisol goes down further and further, it's going to be harder for your immune system to stay strong, which will increase your susceptibility and reduce.

Your resistance. I generally draw a line for a patient when I see them to explain this concept, and I'll put susceptibility on one side and resistance on the other side, and I'll draw a little triangle here in the middle. As your susceptibility decreases, your resistance goes up. And vice versa will happen. When this goes down, this goes up. As things are getting harder for you to cope with and you become more stressed, your resistance goes down and your susceptibility will come up. I call these events contributing to that health busters. Health builders are things you can.

Are You Taking Too Many Dietary Supplements

Thank you for checking out my tutorial. I'm going to do a little tutorial today on too many dietary supplements. I see so many patients I see them all the time, whether they're on Skype, they come into my clinic or on the telephone or maybe through face time on Mac. Lots and lots of clients who show me so many dietary supplements that they've got from one, two, three, five, or ten doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors. Some people are put on way too much stuff. Here's an article out of my book, Candida.

Crusher. Some yeast infected patients take over two dozen products, so I'm just going to read a bit out of the book here. It all begins with one product recommended by a website, a magazine, a health food shop, a friend or a doctor or a naturopath like me, and after a few years, the products just keep on coming. Then you're thinking, I'll try this one for my digestion. Well, this one will make me sleep better and the list goes on, and soon you have so many supplements you can't keep them all on your benchtop. And they've got.

To go in a cupboard somewhere or in a drawer and they start taking up a lot of room. Have you ever worked out the daily cost of this to you How much is this all costing Some patients spend $2,000, $3,000, $4,000 a month on supplements. It's madness. Absolute madness. I believe that the more product the person takes, the more product focused they will eventually become, and these are people that are symptom treaters because they go to doctors or naturopaths that are symptom prescribers. Oh, you've got sore joints,.

Take this product. You've got a sleeping problem take this product. You don't feel good take St. John's Wort. You're knees are playing up, take glucosamine. You've got a sniffle, take Vitamin C. Before you know it, they've got a whole table full of this crap. It's ridiculous. This one's for my digestion. This was a lady that actually told me, This one's for my bones. This one's for my joints. This one's for pain. One for eyes. One for libido. One for hot flashes. This one's to stop me from.

Getting a cold. This one's for my urinary tract infections. This is my magnesium supplement. This one's for my constipation. This one's to help me lose weight, etc. This lady took 37 dietary supplements. You work that one out, 37 dietary supplements. That's just crazy. I wrote here imagine having to take all of that in one day, not to mention the cost of it. But the interesting thing is when I asked her how she felt on this regime of 37 supplements, what do you think she said She said, I feel like crap! And then she said, Dr. Bakker,.

What do I do I'm taking all these supplements. And I said, Go and get yourself a waste paper basket and throw the whole lot in. What And I said, You're feeling like crap anyway, so what's the difference Let's just start over again. Let's just tackle the most important thing that's wrong with you right now and see if we can help you with that. But spending all your money on all these pills is not going to fix all your ills. Can you relate to that Can you relate to taking a supplement from your health food.

Shop, a supplement from your naturopath, a supplement that your friend told you about, then you got a mail order catalog and you bought a couple more products, then you went to some blog site and you read something else and you bought that. And before you know it, you have 15 products. You don't need to do this. You really don't need to do this. When I evaluate patients and their supplements, I'll often stop them on a whole lot of stuff. I prefer patients to take one or two quality items, exactly what they need at that point.

Body Odor Changes During Menopause

What on Earth is going on with the body odor changes during menopause Like many other female issues, it can be blamed on hormones. With my period over, no, I can't. Menopause is a lack of specific hormones, so yes, it is. Are you mad, or is that a bad hot flash Close enough. What specifically is causing these body odor changes For some women, you get an increased risk of yeast infections. That would explain a sour or fishy odor. This is more like an old man's smell. Your body has shifted gears and now has less estrogen. That affects your body's chemistry.

While I am getting old, I'm not turning into a guy. What I meant is that you may sense the changes because of the decreased estrogen levels. I heard it might be a nutritional deficit. A lack of zinc can cause bad body odor. Or you just need aluminum chlorohydrate. I've never heard of that. Can I get it by cooking everything in aluminum foil Aluminum chlorohydrate is a common compound in underarm deodorant. What else could be causing it When you have hot flashes, you're probably sweating, too. The problem may simply be extra.

BO solved by deodorant and frequent bathing. Now you're talking to me like I'm a teenaged boy. The odor is sometimes caused by changes in vaginal pH. That you'd want to consult with an OBGYN about. I think there are a lot of over the counter solutions for that. Sometimes women develop urine leakage with middle age. Maybe the odor you're picking up is due to that. A middle aged woman shouldn't have the same problems as a toddler. Let's just say this is a problem for the ages. Or it is a problem associated with getting older.

My Vaginal Discharge Smells Like Bleach

My vaginal discharge smells like bleach. Your body can exude odors of strong foods like garlic you ate a lot of, but if you drank bleach, you'd be in the emergency room instead of talking to me. Please don't tell me you actually put bleach down there. As annoying as a yeast infection or bacterial infection is, chemical burns are worse. And before you ask, it isn't because I'm really into tidy whities. That doesn't mean you are not more colorful in your love life. I know there are women who put detergent down there to dry things out because the guys want.

It dry to improve the sex. I don't do anything more than douche. Your vaginal discharge could smell a little like bleach because the condoms or lubricants you used did. Of every flavor of condom or scent of oil we tried, nothing was anything like bleach. After all, it kills the mood. The chemistry down there can be altered by repeated use of condoms Which you should use. And the lubricants you've been using. All of it can combine to make a bleach like smell. I never thought rubber could cause me to smell more like chlorine.

If the vaginal smell is sour or stale, you probably have trichomoniasis. All I can think on hearing that is that it is a killer scrabble word. It is sometimes called just trich, pronounced trick. That I've heard of, but I don't know the significance. Trichomoniasis is a protozoan infection, and it causes a sour or even bleach like smell. So it is a social disease. Yes, but it can be treated with antibiotics. Most of them still can, though the rise of antibiotic resistant sexual diseases should give a lot of people nightmares.

This doesn't have to be a nightmare. Right after sex, it may smell a little like bleach because his semen does. That's what the condoms are intended to prevent. You could still have the smell in that area, depending on what you did prior to putting the condom on. Anything else to keep a nose out for Your period can alter the pH levels down there, giving it a metallic smell right before your period starts. That is why they have scented menstrual pads. Then that's your solution while you shift to a less odorific love life so the smell.

Can A Yeast Infection Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes

Good day, Eric Bakker here again with another question, a frequently asked question regarding yeast infections. Does yeast infection cause swollen lymph nodes Swollen lymph nodes are a result of a problem with your immune system. There could be many reasons why you have swollen lymph nodes, and where you have the swollen lymph nodes. A common place is the cervical lymph nodes around the neck. You can also have swollen lymph nodes in the groin, around the armpits, so there's various areas where you can commonly get them. Cervical ones are quite common with people.

My questions to you would be do you get night sweats with these swollen lymph nodes Do you have altered appetite or weight loss First thing that you would do is to get a blood test done. Have a complete blood count and have all the white cell parameters, in particular, to see if there's any infectious disease going on. Swollen lymph nodes can also commonly occur with food allergies, I've noticed. Food intolerances or food allergies can occur there. Whenever you've got a weakened immune system, you're going to be more prone to a yeast infection. I would not believe that a yeast infection.

Directly causes swollen lymph nodes, but they would occur as a secondary consequence to a weakened immunity. Swollen lymph nodes need checking out. There could be many different types of problems. You could've picked up an acute herpes problem. It could be something even like Leukemia, so it's very important for you, particularly if it's a recurring problem, you've had it for a long time, is to get checked out carefully by your doctor for swollen lymph nodes to see exactly what this problem is. In many cases, however, these things are selflimiting and acute and they disappear. I've seen it.

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