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Recurring Yeast Infection During Period

Can I Treat My Yeast Infection During My Period

Good day, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author of Candida Crusher, with another question I get asked from time to time from my female patients. Can I treat my yeast infection while I'm on my period You can treat it while you're on your period, but I think a better time to treat a vaginal yeast infection is before your period in the proliferative phase. This is when the lining of the endometrium is starting to build up. So from ovulation through to period is a better time to treat. And in Chapter 5 of my book, Candida Crusher, you can read my unique twostep.

Treatment for chronic vaginal yeast infection. In the time building up to the menstrual cycle is a good time to use a kill or antifungal treatment. And in the postperiod time is a good time to do a restorative treatment or a building up treatment. And I guarantee you if you do three or four of these treatments concurrently for three to four months, you're going to notice a big improvement. So you can treat while you're on your period and I know some females do treat regardless of whether they've got their period or not, they'll treat. But I believe a better approach.

How Can I Get Instant Relief Form Vaginal Yeast Infections

Good day there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author of Candida Crusher. Here's a question I've got from a lady in Texas, a Mrs. Wright from Texas. And her question is Eric, how can I get instant relief from vaginal thrush Well, there are a couple of tricks and tips I'll give you in this tutorial that are certainly going to help you. Many woman complain of vaginal thrush three to four days prior to their period. You can have vaginal thrush at any time during your menstrual cycle, but it's more prevalent before the cycle. And if you're a female and you have recurring.

Vaginal yeast infections, you can probably well relate to what I'm saying here. So if you think about this for a moment, there's a couple of things I'm going to tell you that make a lot of sense and I'd like you to follow these suggestions. Leading up to the period, about a week or 10 days prior, why don't you start reducing consumption of alcohol, chocolate, sweet foods, candies, biscuits or cookies, things like this, or cut those foods out of the diet as much as you can. Make some changes. Get more.

Rest. Drink plenty of water. Maybe have some green juice in your diet. Start making some changes also to the way that you work and you relax. So sleep a little bit more, rest up a bit more, take it a bit easier in your life. These things are going to make it easier for you to cope with if you do get any aggravations. When it comes to the treatment, it's also good for you to maybe avoid sexual relations for a little while prior to your period as well because this could irritate the area.

And make you much more prone to having the vaginal thrush. If you look at these sort of factors, this is going to reduce the aggravation, which means that there will be less need for strong treatment. There are different cleansing approaches you can use. And one I'd like to recommend you try is to get some Calendula tincture. So Calendula officinalis is an herb which we use, an antifungal, and I think it works very well indeed. And I've written about this in my book in Chapter 5 in Candida Crusher written about Calendula. Go to your herbalist and.

Get a low alcohol concentration Calendula tincture, a high quality one, and use it at the rate of about a dessertspoon per small bowl of lukewarm water for cleansing. This is going to work quite nicely before the period. So women tell me these things work quite well. Others are colloidal silver, adding a teaspoon of this per small quantity of water for cleansing a good quality apple cider vinegar, not the commercial one, but a good organic pasteurized product like Braggs is a good quality, for example, or try the Calendula tincture. These are good approaches to use premenstrually.

In my book, I talk about a cleansing stage you do before the period, a kill stage, and then a build stage after the period. And this makes a lot of sense. And if you do that for three menstrual cycles in a row, you're going to get good relief, particularly if you follow the instructions in my book Chapter 7, Section 5, the lifestyle section. If you read that and implement that plus also do the acute measures that we spoke about, you're going to get a lot of relief.

Does Stress Cause Yeast Infections

Good day, Eric Bakker here again with another frequently asked question regarding yeast infection. Does stress cause yeast infections Stress causes many different problems in the body, many different problems, and a good way for you probably to look at it from this angle is that about 90 percent of all visits to the doctor are because of a stressrelated complaint. So stress has an amazingly insidious effect on the immune system. In the initial stages of stress when a person's under high stress, they will have heightened hormone response they'll have more cortisol and more adrenaline, in particular. The adrenals are going to pump.

Out more of these hormones to allow you to cope with the acute manifestations of stress. However, once stress continues unabated, you keep having these problems long term, relationship problems or money problems, many different types of issues that face us on a daytoday basis. When they become chronic and longterm, even though low grade, they'll have a depleting effect on the adrenal system, what we call the HPA stress excess. And over time, these hormones actually will not only decrease in quantity, but their activity will decrease in the body. The cells become less responsive requiring even more hormones to be pumped.

Out and produced. Over a period of time, it's just not really going to happen and you slowly slide into a condition we call adrenal fatigue. I'm going to explain a lot more about the adrenalyeast connection in other tutorials. But stress is certainly implicated with yeast infections. How do you know that yeast infections are caused by stress If you take a look at my book, I think it's page 469 in my book. You can read a lot more about the adrenal stress connection with immunity. Have a look at the other type of problems that you may be facing.

Like fatigue, insomnia, irritability, in particular. There are different ways that stress can affect you in terms of a yeast infection. First thing I would ask you, what type of stresses have you faced in the past several years Can you remember any stressful events which preceded the diagnosis of this yeast infection, for example There's often a link there. If you think carefully, you'll find a connection there. So as cortisol goes down further and further, it's going to be harder for your immune system to stay strong, which will increase your susceptibility and reduce.

Your resistance. I generally draw a line for a patient when I see them to explain this concept, and I'll put susceptibility on one side and resistance on the other side, and I'll draw a little triangle here in the middle. As your susceptibility decreases, your resistance goes up. And vice versa will happen. When this goes down, this goes up. As things are getting harder for you to cope with and you become more stressed, your resistance goes down and your susceptibility will come up. I call these events contributing to that health busters. Health builders are things you can.

What Are The Signs Im Recovering From A Yeast Infection

Hi there, Eric Bakker here, naturopath. Here's a question from a lady called Mrs. Watson in Atlanta, America. What are the signs I'm recovering from a Candida infection Well, the way to answer that one is to probably analyze the kind of symptoms and problems that you've had over the time and to see if there's any improvement in those or reversal of those symptoms. When I see patients with a chronic yeast infection, I really like to obviously write down all the signs and symptoms that person's presenting with. And if you're intelligent, what you'll do is create a symptom tracker. You'll find this.

In my book and I haven't seen this before with Candida, but it's an intelligent approach. So write down all the problems that you've got on the column on the left side on a piece of A4 paper and then just draw lines and then put every two to three or four weeks put a column on the top. And then what you're going to do is you're going to work out the severity of that problem over a period of time you're going to track it. Let's just say something like gas or constipation when you first see me, there could be a grade.

3 symptom, which is severe. But then you may find two or three weeks later, it could actually in fact get worse. You could put a 3 in that column. But then over time as you improve, what you'll find is there should be a reduction in the severity of that symptom and the number value should go down as well. So you should in time go from a three to a two, which is a moderate to a one, which is mild. But as I say, people never improve in a linear fashion. So you never go from feeling terrible.

To feeling fantastic in a period of months. There's always these up and downs which are going to occur, okay It's like the stock market. The stock market will be up one day and down the next up one day and down the next. But what you'll find over a long period of time is the score value increases, which means there is an improvement. Just like in your symptoms, if you're doing the right thing, then there should be a reduction in the score value of your symptoms threes being severe, ones being mild symptoms. If you're going.

To track all these symptoms over a period of time, get a piece of paper and tape it on the inside of your wardrobe or something every couple of weeks just track this. And I've got a My Symptom Tracker in my book you can print out with all the common signs and symptoms. So, Mrs. Watson, that's how you're going to be able to know if you're improving in Candida, is by testing and measuring your symptoms in comparison to the treatment protocol that you put into place. And this is something I'm not seeing with any other program. So.

Can Fecal Transplant Cause Chronic Candida

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker. I'm the author of Candida Crusher and I'm also the formulator of a range of products called Canxida. Thanks for checking out my tutorial. A question here from a person called Tetrid Monafa in Kenya. I'm not sure if Tetrid is male or female, but I'll just use the word Tetrid. Tetrid is asking me if fecal transplants can cause chronic Candida. That's the question, Can fecal transplant cause chronic Candida I'll tell you a little bit about fecal transplants. I had the good fortune a few years ago to.

Be in Sydney at a function, I had dinner with Dr. Tom Borody, and in fact a few doctors that were there. And I remember speaking about fecal transplants and Tom's clinic was the one, in fact, that pioneered fecal transplants. Back in the mid1980s Tom worked with patients, I think it might have been with clostridium difficile with a particular infection and trialed this method, which has become highly successful. The Center for Digestive Diseases is a world famous clinic. The top people from all around the world with many chronic digestive.

Problems. They've got some incredibly passionate and talented doctors that work in this clinic. One of the doctors I spoke with said to me that when they first did the fecal transplants, they put a lot of people through the program and they had a pilot project with about 10 or 15 patients. The procedure worked very, very well. But the doctor said in nearly all cases, the patients would come back within 8 to 12 months with the same problem. The treatment was a success, but the longterm outcome failed because the patient didn't stay with the right kind of protocol, lifestyle,.

And diet to maintain digestive wellness. That's not what the tutorial is about. The tutorial is can fecal transplants cause chronic Candida. It can't really cause chronic Candida. What it can do, though, is change the gut macrobiotic environment significantly. It can make you feel pretty darn good. And if you keep working on that wellness, you can really improve your health to a very high level. The problem I have with fecal transplants is they don't really do anything for the small intestine because you're putting fecal matter from a healthy person into a person who's unwell. It's going to change the colonic environment,.

But it's pretty hard to get bugs past the ileocecal valve or the oneway valve linking the small intestine with the large intestine. This is why it's very important for the patient to make the right kind of dietary choices. Because you're putting all the good nourishment in from the top, which is going to influence everything down below. If you eat properly, have fermented and cultured foods, have the pre and probiotic foods that we've spoken about in tutorials, if you chew your foods properly, if you take a good probiotic.

For a period of time, particularly with some enzymes with it, if you every now and then take some antifungalantibacterial supplement and some foods, you'll keep that gut environment clean. And that, in turn, will mean that you won't really get a chronic yeast infection to a very high degree, very high probability you won't. But I don't really see any clear link between fecal transplants and chronic Candida. I see a clear link between incredible wellness. In fact, one of my patients from London, a woman in her 20s, had an incredible outcome with fecal transplant. But it only lasted.

Do Recurring Yeast Infections Make Me Infertile

Hi there, Eric Bakker, author of Candida Crusher and another frequently asked question. Do recurring yeast infections make me infertile I believe they can. And some practitioners may argue with me about this point, but I've seen many cases of women with acute yeast infections that became chronic. They basically were driven into the body by using different types of applicators and creams, and over a period of time, the female developed endometriosis. I've seen this many times occurring. So endometriosis can obviously lead you towards the path of infertility. When you start pushing that yeast infection through the cervix and the endometrium,.

You're going to obviously get an immune reaction. Endometriosis is an autoimmune condition and you can get potential cyst developments and ovarian problems. It can certainly predispose you to infertility. If you've got a yeast infection, get on top of it. That's my advice. Get rid of it, and it can be possible. Have a look at Chapter 5 in my book, Candida Crusher, and you can read all about how to get rid of a chronic yeast infection. It's a very popular chapter of my book and it's helped many women get on top of infections they've had for a long, long time.

Yellow discharge yeast infectionHow to cure yellow discharge yeast infection

It affect the East Candida and trash can be eliminated permanently yellow discharge yeast infection and you can do this easily from the comfort of your own home I myself am a former yeast infection suffer and I know how it can disrupt your personal life in order to cure yeast infection you must treat the root cause not the symptoms if you are a female you probably know what a vaginal yeast infection flareup or diaper rashes and you would probably go to your doctor's have some drugs prescribed and yeast infection clears up.

Right the symptoms vary from individual to individual one may suffer from that channel irritation underarm rash painful urination while for others it could cause depression insomnia weight gain energy deficiency premature aging and whatnot but regardless if the symptoms taking drugs treat symptoms leaving he still present in your body meanwhile he's causes great damage to your health between flareups the good news is that you don't need any overthecounter drugs and spend a lot of money on latest medical breakthroughs on how to cure a yeast infection if you are suffering from yeast infection here's my number one.

Do I Need To Change My Diet If I Have A Recurring Yeast Infection

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, author of Candida Crusher, with a question I get asked quite a lot. Do I need to change my diet because I'm getting recurring yeast infections Well, it's a very good idea to change your diet. And I always say to people, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. You probably know the answer to that. If you're getting recurring infections, there's something that is obviously blocking you from recovering. This could be an obstacle to cure, and I write about those in great detail in.

My book. You can read all about those in Section 5, in Chapter 7. I've written over 100 pages in my book, Candida Crusher, about diet and nutrition. There are many different approaches to diet, and I believe I've got the correct approach in my book. I studied over 35 books on Candida and treated now close to 15,000 patients with this particular problem. So I believe I am qualified to give some good advice regarding diet and nutrition. The interesting thing with yeast infections is some people can get away with eating things.

That other people can't. This may at first seem a paradox, but it's something that's become apparent to me for years that some patients can actually eat fruit, whereas others can't eat any fruit at all. So it's a bit of trial and error to find the right diet for you. But I believe one of the best approaches is the meat, eggs, vegetables and yogurt approach of Dr. John Trowbridge. He wrote a very good book called the Yeast Syndrome. I think it was back in 1995. I've trialed 50 types of different Candida diets and still believe some of the best approaches.

Are highquality white proteins, eggs, vegetables, and yogurt. There are fruits you can eat and you can read all about some of these choices really on yeastinfection. But if you look at my book in great detail, you can read about the Candida diet, which I recommend. You will need to change your diet and you'll need to change it for as long as it takes for you to get well, and then some. And slowly you can go back to your old ways to a degree, but if you find that the infection comes back, you'll need to get back on track and make.

Changes again. And this is the reason why many people get sick and stay sick is that a they don't make the appropriate change and b if they do make the change, they go back to their old ways, which got them sick in the first place. And again I outline that in great detail in my book about motivation, selfdiscipline, and the things that you need to do to get well and to stay well so your yeast infection is permanently resolved. That's what my program is all about a permanent solution. Not a temporary, a permanent solution.

Can I Treat My Yeast Infection During My Period

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