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Dr Oz Yeast Infection Water Test

Cure Candida Yeast Infection in 3 Easy Steps VitaLife Show Episode 102

Welcome to the Vitalife Show! I'm Doctor Janine Bowring today topic is how to cure candida yeast infection in three easy steps. First and foremost you have to stop eating sugar. Sugar actually feeds the yeast and this is one of the prime causative factors why women experience chronic candida and yeast issues. First and foremost whether its of course the worst sugar is the process white sugar which may be you knowing candies and chocolates and baked goods on all things that we love but this really does feed the yeast. Also natural sugars as well you.

Really have to watch things like fruit juices which are higher natural sugars but still feed the yeast if you're eating you know regular fruit and whole one this is much better because at the fibre helps to balance the sugar and it's not a concentrated sugar in the actual fruit itself. Watch the fruit even with my patients who have chronic yeast infections I say not more than one or two pieces of fruit per day and especially no juice that first and foremost Number two is a easy step just take.

A bath in which you per one cup vinegar and about 10 drops of tea tree oil which is a natural essential oil which helps to kill the yeast kill the candida and also the vinegar does that as well and helps to acidify the vaginal tract. This is something that you can do especially at the first stages when you start to notice the discomfort of a yeast infection do that take that bath and do it consistently for 23 days you need to do to help to change the environment of vagina.

Third on the list is taking a high quality probiotics that's designed for the human digestive tract and human vaginal track, so the best probiotics Vitatree probiotics were design for the human digestive tract and contain the right strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium. Bifidoban in the right amounts it's always guaranteed to be live which is really important because all the probiotics that you may have been exposed to whether it's in the health food store or in the pharmacies are often a dead bacteria they're no longer live whether they're in the.

Fridge or not and you want to make sure you're getting a live microorganisms your friendly flora that are naturally in the vaginal tract and the digestive tract and by taking them consistently you are proactively able to stay off those chronic yeast infections which often do you come back for most women also stay away from antibiotics because every time you take an antibiotic it wipes out all of your good flora. You always need the good flora, the probiotics stay healthy and to fight the yeast infection so again I'm Doctor's Janine Bowring. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and.

DermTV Very Itchy Fingers, a.k.a. Dishydrosis DermTV Epi '6

Hello, I'm Dr. Neal Schultz pause And welcome to DermTV. This may be the season for itchy skin, but chances are if it's your fingers that are itching, it's not because they're dry. Most of the time, itchy fingers are caused by a condition called Dishydrosis and the itch it causes can really drive you crazy. And it's not just itching that Dishydrosis causes You actually get little bumps on the bottom and sides of your fingers. And the bumps are actually tiny blisters. Dishydrosis literally means, bad sweating, and it used to be thought that these crazily itchy bumps.

Were filled with sweat. That's why it was named Dishydrosis. But the fluid isn't sweat it's actually serum, which is the clear fluid in your blood. The most common cause of Dishydrosis is extreme stress, although not every outbreak can be linked directly to a stressful situation. On a personal note, I can tell you that I've only experienced Dishydrosis once in my life. It was early in my medical training after a very stressful night of being up all night taking care of a lot of very sick patients. The next morning the hospital dermatologist was making rounds.

And I showed him my hands, and he said, Boy you must have had a really rough night. So. The itching and bumps both finally go away after a few days. As it gets better, there are these really interesting telltale little collars of dead flaky skin that peel off. Those tiny matchhead size collars of dead skin get larger. and then smaller. over a few days and are caused by the bubble of serum as it rises through the higher levels of the epidermis. It's like taking horizontal slices through a sphere.

Starting tiny at the bottom, then getting larger, and finally smaller again. To treat the itching and bumps, topical cortisone creams and antiitch lotions with menthol are best. If that doesn't stop the itch, cold water can usually give temporary relief, but never try to stop the itching with hot water. Even though hot water feels good and stops the itch, it also causes the itch to come back worse a few minutes later. After the itch and bumps are gone, the flaking skin can continue for a week. It can be camouflaged with a moisturizer,.

Cold Sores Herpes Simplex Virus How Do You Get Cold Sores, Symptoms and Treatments.

You have a cold sore that bums you out! What should and shouldn't you do now First of all, you need to know that a cold sore is caused by the herpes virus and that there's fluid in the blisters. A cold sore can be annoying and painful, but is hardly ever harmful. The herpes virus will remain forever in your body though and can get reactivated at a later time. That's why you can get a cold sore over and over again. There isn't any treatment to get the virus out of your body.

So, what are the do's and don'ts when you've got a cold sore Don't touch the blisters and wash your hands regularly especially when you've touched the blisters by accident. A cold sore is extremely contagious. The herpes virus that's inside the blisters can be transmitted through kissing or after you've touched them with your fingers. The virus can end up in the eye or near the genitals in that way and blisters may form in those places. Once the blisters have dried up, the virus can't be transmitted any longer.

Never hug a baby when you've got a cold sore. Babies can get seriously ill from from the herpes virus and can even die because it. That's the reason why it's also called the kiss of death. Sunlight, a reduced resistance, illness, menstruation, or stress can activate the herpes virus so a cold sore can show up. so a cold sore can show up. So avoid being exposed to the sun and use protective lip balm or sunblock on your lips to protect yourself against the sun. Keep your resistance up eat healthy food,.

Exercise regularly and get a good night's rest. Some people find comfort in putting the Vaseline or zinc oxide on their lips to ease the itching and pain. You could use antiviral creams and tablets. The cream hasn't been proven to reduce the symptoms of a cold sore though. Tablets could reduce the symptoms of a cold sore but only if you use them in a very early stage before the blisters have formed. Consult your family doctor when the blisters haven't disappeared after two weeks or when the inflammation spreads. In the last case, bacteria might have gotten.

Is Terramin Clay Good For Candida

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath Eric Bakker here. I'm author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of dietary supplements. I've got a question here from Bert Christian from Ottawa, Canada. Eric is terramin clay good for Candida Can terramin clay treat my yeast infection Bert, clay's excellent for many different reasons. It's a good detoxifier and healer of the body. I've been recommending clay supplements for quite a long time for patients. It forms a nice adjunct as part of a healthy diet. Clay's been consumed by many indigenous cultures going back to even thousands of years. As long as people have.

Made fires and cooked food, they've also consumed soil, earth, and clay in particular. There are different types of clay you can get, but the common ones you may have heard of are bentonite clay and montmorillonite clay. These are used interchangeably. Basically, what we're talking about is a volcanic clay, so it comes from the ash of volcanos, I believe. This is quite a pure natural source of many different types, hundreds of different types of minerals, in fact, trace elements. There is a lot of calcium in there, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, many different minerals.

Are found in clay, so it's a good way for you to access minerals for your diet is to include small amounts of clay in your diet on a regular basis. You generally do this slowly and you build your body up first. I've just had a look at some websites and there are many different suggestions on taking clay. It works quite well as a part of a detox program, and you can follow the suggestions of the manufacturer. You need to ingest plenty of water when you do it. Clay basically has a negative charge.

To it, toxins have a positive charge, so generally, they are attracted to each other and then will form a complex, and they'll bind to each other. When you take regular amounts of clay in your diet over a prolonged period of time, it will help to reduce lots of poisons from the body, including heavy metals, cadmium, arsenic, lead, mercury, metals like that, but also many different kinds of toxins like benzene and petro chemicals and agricultural chemicals. There are many of them that can be slowly pulled out with the use of clay. It also helps to cleanse the digestive system.

And balance the gut in general. It's going to help to remove toxins produced by bacteria in the gut, so it will certainly help your yeast infection because it will clean the body up and make the immune system more powerful. Terramin, I believe, I think the mineral is called iamin, so the clay was called iamin in the States and in 1998, they changed the name to terramin. It looks to be a very high quality product. I think even NASA did some testing on this clay. I would certainly endorse the use of terramin.

And bentonite clay or montmorillonite clay. Any of these clays are high quality and very good for cleansing the body, and can be used in conjunction with detoxification, plenty of pure water, sweating or perspiration as in have a sauna therapy, and colonics, all of these things have an enormous benefit to the body for pulling rubbish out, purifying the gut and the body in general and reducing the Candida. But particularly by taking toxins out and putting minerals in, we can power up immune function, which is our strongest ally when it comes to overcoming not just a yeast infection, but any kind of infection.

Candida Case Study 9 Wendy Chronic Allergies and IBS

Thanks for checking out my tutorial again. Another case history for you today. This is going to be case history number nine. This is a 48yearold lady called Wendy. In fact, Wendy used to be our babysitter many years ago. Wendy's a very lovely lady, but I found her to be one of those what I call supersensitive people. Sensitive to everything in her environment, every single thing. I'm going to read a little bit out of my book and then I'm going to give you some explanation about the case. Wendy was a woman in her 40s that used to.

Be our babysitter 10 years ago. She called me up with urgency one evening to tell me that a gas heater in our lounge was making her physically sick and I had to rush home. She had all the windows wide open and felt physically ill. When I spoke with her further about this, it became apparent that she was supersensitive to any household cleansers, aerosols, perfumes, colognes, and felt absolutely terrible near cigarette smoke. She could only drink water that was bottled in glass and her diet was limited to a handful of foods.

This lady had a bowel problem that she'd been trying to control for many, many years and had a long history of oral contraceptive pill use. Twenty years ago, Wendy returned from India with a bad case of diarrhea. Her doctor placed her on several rounds of antibiotics and she's not been well since. After several months on the Candida Crusher program, Wendy's diet had become far less restrictive and she was hardly reacting to her environment at all. And now Wendy can even drink tap water and low and behold, she can even drink wine, which was inconceivable many years ago.

Can you relate to Wendy Are you a person who's traveled, maybe developed some kind of diarrhea or bowel problem after a party or a vacation in the Caribbean or the Pacific or wherever you've been to Have you had a gut problem and noticed that your health's gone downhill over the years You've become increasingly reactive to foods, maybe inhaling allergens, environmental toxins and things like that. Maybe you've got parasites or Candida internally. Antibiotics often are a waste of time because they just increase the toxic burden. They eradicate beneficial bacteria and allow parasites.

To thrive even more. In most cases, I've found antibiotics completely useless for a lot of gut related problems. I've performed well over 1,000 stool tests and I can tell you, I'm amazed when the panels come back to see what level of deficiencies people have with beneficial bacteria and how many parasites they really have in their digestive system. It's phenomenal. Some of my patients have been sick for 10, 15, or 20 years after a trip and they've never been well. Some are on sickness benefits. Some have been divorced. They can't tolerate life anymore. When you've got a bowel problem.

And you're going to the toilet 10 times a day, it's not much fun. You lose your confidence. You can't go out anywhere. You get pain in the gut. You get a lot of bloating, a lot of gas. You may have lost a lot of weight or gained a lot of weight. It's a very embarrassing thing to have a bowel problem. It's not something you really want to talk about. I can help you out. If you want to spend some time with me, you can certainly book into.

See me online through Skype and I can talk you through this. This sort of patient responds extremely well to Canxida, the antifungal dietary supplement I manufactured a while ago now. I've had many, many, many patients in a lot of countries around the world really benefiting from Canxida. It's fantastic for people like Wendy. You start on one tablet, you build up to three tablets a day, and in no time at all, you're going to nail a lot of these parasites. Read my book on the fermented and cultured foods. It gives you a good explanation.

Can I Take Antifungals With Probiotics

Frequently asked question. Can I take antifungals with probiotics for Candida treatment You can, and, in fact, they actually work really well together, not against each other like is commonly believed. Many people believe that if you're taking a probiotic, it's going to get cancelled out by the antifungal product. This is not true, particularly if you take an antifungal dietary supplement that contains a lot of natural foods like garlic extract or argan oil. These things don't kill beneficial bacteria. People have been consuming these natural foods for thousands of years, and many people who consume these foods do not have horrific die off.

They don't have horrific yeast infections. They also have very large amounts of beneficial bacteria in their digestive system. What we know also from research even the medical people there was an article written in a gastroenterology journal in 2008 where they said that probiotics actually, in fact, are very beneficial to take alongside antibiotics. Research found that it stopped diarrhea, so you can take these together. I don't even believe you need to take them apart. Probiotics actually will certainly live in the digestive system. We know that from people who eat yogurt and foods.

Like that. There is belief that if you take a probiotic with food, it will cancel out. It will get killed by digestive enzymes, but that's not the case. There are many types of bacteria that live in the stomach environment, in fact. There are bacteria that live throughout the digestive system in a wide range of pH conditions. So don't make these assumptions because you read this sort of information from what I call arm chair experts on Google. A lot of this stuff is rubbish. It's nonsense. Feel free to take probiotics and enzymes with.

Food and also an antifungal supplement with food. It is probably prudent to take one at the beginning of the meal and one at the end of the meal, for example. You can separate them. You don't necessarily have to take them together, but you don't need to split them up by several hours as some people say. I just don't really believe that's the right solution. The main thing is to take these things and not sort of intellectualize when you should take them, as long as you take them on a regular basis.

My Vaginal Discharge Smells Like Urine

My vaginal discharge smells like urine. Are you sure you just aren't leaking urine I don't think so. If you just had a baby, the muscles down there are tired if not torn from the strain. The end result is greater odds of leaking pee when you laugh, cough or bend over. No one mentioned that in the parenting classes. That's because they are less likely to admit it and way more likely to blame it on the diapered critter in their lap. What else could be making it smell like urine.

A really hard labor where you strain so much it tears microscopic holes in the vagina in the wall that separates it from the bladder. Then you get urine seeping into the vaginal area. I don't think I'm leaking from the bladder. If you have that type of set of microscopic holes, urine will leak into the vagina even if you're holding the pee in anyway. How do you get that fixed Surgery. Then again, this is a common problem when they do a hysterectomy and don't put in a proper floor for the bladder too, but fixing that is surgical as well.

I'd like to know what other things could be responsible for it so I have solutions other than surgery. It is possible that you are using so much douche and clothing so tight that the skin can't breathe that bacteria has caused the pH to shift that badly, but it is rare. I know there are douches you can't use often because it cleanses so well the good bacteria is washed away. Then you risk a bacterial infection. Bacterial infections smell like onion, bad fish or garlic. You also have an increased.

Risk of yeast infections, which smell like beer. I hate to say it, but I have seen enough offerings to the porcelain god to know the difference between pee, beer and vomit in terms of smell. There's also the possibility you are leaking pee into your underwear, and the area still smells like that even after you change clothes. Which is a different reason to talk to the doctor. Or switch to texting to continue the conversation instead of trying to hold it in while you talk. I already text mostly, and I don't wait so long to stop talking that I leak while.

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